Spring is Here- 3 Benefits of Taking your Workout Outside

The weather is clear and it's time to reap the benefits of taking your workout outside!
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April 8, 2024
Spring is Here- 3 Benefits of Taking your Workout Outside

Spring is Here- 3 Benefits of Taking your Workout Outside

Ah the great outdoors. Fresh air, birds chirping, being out in nature. There’s nothing better. Nature provides us with opportunities that boost our mood and leave us more relaxed, in tune with ourselves and ready to take on almost anything. Good old mother nature. As soon as the weather gets warmer and signs of Spring sprout up, it’s like almost automatically your mood improves and your mindset becomes more positive. Just breaking through the dreariness of January, February and March is invigorating. Spring is a chance to reset and rejuvenate the drive we hold inside for a stronger healthier being. Getting outside means more than just cutting the lawn, walking the dog or going for a hike. 

It means once again having the chance to take workouts outside, push ourselves further and reach goals faster. 

Now that those long winter months are gone and there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, cease the opportunity to get out there! It’s time to mix things up a bit and reap the benefits of taking your workouts outside. It’s amazing what a little change does for you. Bring on nature, improve your mental well being and get ready to kick your fitness up a notch!

Breathe in that Fresh Air

Sick and tired of being inside? Ha, you bet! All winter long you did an amazing job sticking to your workout routine and goals, but being stuck inside is a drag. That’s why when Spring rolls around it’s time to take advantage. Take advantage of the natural sunlight (great for vitamin D but more on that later) and breathe in the fresh air. Fresh air helps ward off headaches, boosts mood and has been shown to motivate those working out more than hitting the treadmill. 

Some other benefits of working out outside include-

Being outside sends feel good vibes to the brain and gives you a sense of rejuvenation. Sure hitting the gym is necessary but you can head outside to get in some strength reps or cardio bursts. Do it! Be the first one out the door and into the fresh air.

Nature- A Natural Prescription for your Mental Health

One thing’s for sure, along with winter come those awful winter blues. Even if you’re the most dedicated gym goer or are known for having a positive outlook or bubbly personality, winter takes its toll. Being stuck inside can make it harder to stick with a goal, or even make it to the gym. Some struggle finding the motivation to workout. Just another reason why being in nature benefits inside, and out. 

The best thing about being outside is that you have so many opportunities to move your body and develop your mindset. Mindset is key for so many factors in your life. With the right mindset you can push yourself further, achieve more than you’d ever imagine and reach your goals faster. The downside is that during the winter months mindset seems to be the first thing that plummets. The weather is gray and dreary, it’s cold and the sun, well you’re lucky if you see it shine. 

So what’s the ticket to a happier you and more positive mindset? You guessed it, getting outside! You already know how incredible working out is, but when paired with some good old vitamin D the combo is unstoppable. Increased vitamin D production leads to better mood, less stress and helps fight off depression. When stepping outside and into the sunlight your body automatically revs up the production of serotonin, that feel good mood hormone . You’ll be able to kiss any type of seasonal depression bye bye. 

Take hiking for instance. Hiking is an amazing option on your cross-training days. It gets your heart pumping, oxygen flowing and puts you in touch with mother nature. Think about the last time you went on a hike or a bike ride for that matter. Weren’t you more motivated, recharged and feeling your best? It’s what nature intended. Getting out, experiencing what’s around and exercising is the best way to become your best.

Challenge Your Body

CrossFit workouts always challenge your mind and body. With the constant variation, expert guidance and supportive community CrossFit helps you nail your workouts and gain strength and endurance. Hitting a plateau is never an option. Especially when you pair your workouts up with a weekly outdoor workout.

Being outside gives your body the chance to challenge itself with each and every step. The constantly changing terrain, climate, and surroundings of nature give you the opportunity to create and complete a new type of workout. 

Hiking was mentioned before, but being outside unlocks so much more for your body’s potential. Have you seen the latest trend at some local parks? Fitness stations. Outdoor fitness stations are perfect for getting in your pull ups, push ups or ab workouts. They give you a different take on simple exercises, focusing on challenging your body.

Change of scenery is also motivating and beautiful for that matter. If the weather permits, try making one or two of your workout days an outdoor routine. It may surprise you how much stronger and better you perform just by being outside.

Bring Your Pals


Another benefit of working out in the great outdoors is the opportunity to make it social. Some people are resistant to join gyms, others jump in both feet and can’t wait for the opportunity to move. Regardless of who you’re choosing to workout with, invite them outside! 

People are more apt to join in when they’re outside in nature. You’ll have so much fun together. Pick a meeting spot, set a goal and then hang out. Don’t just make it a workout, make it an afternoon. Take in the scenery around you, breathe deeply and bask in the beauty around you. 

What Are You Waiting For?

So what are you waiting for? Yes, hitting the gym is essential for so many reasons. You don’t want to miss out on your WOD or scheduled class, but variety is also a big part of your success.

Find a park and complete your burpee box jump overs. Discover a new trail, nail your cardio and incorporate push ups or pulls up at an outdoor fitness station. The possibilities are endless and so are your fitness goals. You CAN be stronger, healthier, happier and leaner both inside and outside of the gym. You just have to want to be your best!

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