Sports, Training and Kids- The Top Reasons Why to Get Your Child Involved

Kids were made to move and be part of a community. Another reason why sports and training is essential for their growing minds and bodies.
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September 6, 2023
Sports, Training and Kids- The Top Reasons Why to Get Your Child Involved

Sports, Training and Kids- The Top Reasons to Get Your Child Involved

We all know kids thrive on activity. From the very beginning our children have always challenged us with their movement. As soon as they were able to crawl, walk, run it was time to say “lookout world!”  Why then do some kids lose their drive and momentum once they hit those teenage years? Well for one technology. It’s far too easy for kids to get sucked into that realm. Phones, ipads, video games- technology is right at their fingertips. The problem is those gadgets do nothing for their physical and mental well-being. Of course the occasional game, snapchat and instagram post are inevitable (and really harmless) but in the long run kids, tweens and teens need to move! 

So for the moment, forget technology and let’s get back to basics. Ask yourself this question- what will make your child stronger, healthier and happier? Sports. Programs. And being part of something special- a team or organization. It’s time to push kids back into what will energize, motivate and help them become an overall amazing human being- sports and training. 

It’s not only important for our kids to train their bodies but also their minds. Take a look at the top reasons why your kid needs to get involved in sports or if they’re not into an organized team, training. Regardless of ability, motivational factor or interest, sports and physical training will benefit your child in all aspects of life. Let’s take a closer look.

A Sense of Community

When you think about your child, what skills come to mind that’ll help them be successful?

Any of those ring a bell? Mostly likely, the answer is yes and coincidentally they’re also characteristics of a successful community member. Community by definition is a place where people work, play or have a particular characteristic in common. It’s essential for kids to understand the value of being part of a community. Not only for the fact that it facilitates great friendships but also because developing the traits that are associated with communities will give them a “one up” as they reach their adult life.

Communities are filled with many different types of people. Workers, children, families, and also athletes. Athletes are known to set goals, work hard and achieve without ever letting themselves or those around them down. Just like a community. But those skills don’t naturally occur. They have to be modeled, fostered and encouraged.  

Participating in organized sports or signing up for programs focusing on community and teamwork not only benefit a child’s physical development but also their mental well-being. Being on a sports team or part of a program such as CrossFit’s Youth Program teaches the importance of camaraderie, partnership, and teamwork.  Being part of a “team” develops a child’s sense of self, social skills and leadership qualities.  Not to mention those friendships we talked about earlier. Community also teaches patience and acceptance but exposing children to the differences in those around.  

And that’s exactly what sports teams and gyms create. Communities. They’re communities of friends that work and play together in a safe, encouraging environment. Involvement in these types of organizations gives kids the chance to learn about themselves, set goals, tackle challenges and then come out on top. Stronger, confident, resilient and happier.  

Healthy Lifestyles

One of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves and our children is a healthy lifestyle. Well we actually can’t give a healthy lifestyle, we create it, model it and hope our children adopt the same values we do. We’re our children’s biggest role models, and when they see us working hard, staying active and making healthy choices for our bodies they most definitely will follow suit. Developing healthy habits early on are essential for lifelong strength, health and happiness. Health is wealth, and when held in high regard- priceless. 

Joining a team or training to become a stronger, more confident individual from the inside out is also priceless. Participating in a sport or athletic activity carves out stronger muscles and bones. It develops stamina and drive to not only find success in the gym, but also in life. Fad workouts come and go, but sticking with a program that works and finding a passion for a healthy lifestyle will never fade. 

Those are habits that stick with you through and through and are also reasons why it’s so important to give our children the opportunity to do the same. Set them up for success and a positive, healthy outlook on life by getting involved. We only have one body, one life, and one chance to make a difference. 

Increased Academic Performance

Playing a sport or exercising takes a lot of time and energy. It’s a task that you must commit to in order to be successful, just like academics. To succeed in academic performance you must set goals, work hard and then decide to never give up. It’s amazing how much exercise, sports and performance parallel academics.

You’re not just going to be given a promotion at work.  And your child isn’t just going to be given an “A” or a full ride. We have to work at it. Knowing that it’s ok to make mistakes, struggle here and there and use resiliency to come out the other side stronger and proud is tough, and it takes time to develop.

Too many times children give up or say “I can’t.” But that fixed mindset  gets them nowhere in life. Schools pride themselves on teaching about growth mindset. It helps students develop the idea that “mistakes are proof we’re trying” and it’s ok to fail. Growth mindset also empowers children and adults for that matter to believe in their ability and the opportunity to grow.

Growth mindset directly connects to sports and training. Programs and sports organizations teach children the importance of developing a positive mental schema so there’s not that notion that YES I need to win a trophy or come in first place. “Athletes with the growth mindset find success in doing their best, in learning and improving” (Dweck, 2006). Giving it your all, working hard and being successful in your own self is just as important. 

Are you starting to see how important it is for kids to be involved in sports and other athletic programs? Your child will thrive on the skills (both physical and mental) that sports and training provides. They’ll gain skills to stay organized, manage their time, and never give up all while having fun! Go figure?

The Desire to Achieve

All in all sports and sport training teach children how to set goals, and achieve them. When involved they develop confidence in themselves because they are constantly surrounded by uplifting, motivating and encouraging teammates.

Leadership, camaraderie and dedication. These three qualities describe athletes and successful community members alike. Giving children the chance to develop themselves and the skills they need to achieve is not only priceless but invaluable. 

Join a team, sign up for a program and see your child soar to new heights. Not only will their physical being change for the good giving them the capacity to take on new challenges through efficient and effective movement but their emotional well-being will grow into a positive, growth mindset full of confidence and discipline. 

So what are you waiting for? Give your child the chance to shine.

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