Setting a Good Example- 3 Reasons to Workout for Yourself and Those Who Admire You!

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June 15, 2023
Setting a Good Example- 3 Reasons to Workout for Yourself and Those Who Admire You!

Setting a Good Example- 3 Reasons to Workout for Yourself and Those Who Admire You!

Working out. There are so many layers to good health and working out. When you peel back all the parts of a good workout and good health, you’re at the core. Your dedication, passion and desire to be your best self each and every day not only drives your workouts but also your passion to live life to the fullest. And you know what else? All those people around you that push you towards success and admire you- they’re also affected by the way you make fitness a priority. Good for you!

Choosing to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle may not be easy but boy is it worth it! I mean really think about it. All those hours of jumping, pushing and pulling to get where you are. It has to feel good to be looked upon as a role model and as someone who pushes others to be their best. If you ever thought working out was just for you, think again. Here are three solid reasons why yes, you should workout for yourself but also for those who admire you. Read on.

1. Showing the Importance of Self-Care

Getting up, starting your day and making sure you know what’s going on in that busy calendar of yours can be challenging. Especially when you know you’re not going to stop until it’s time to hit the hay! The good news? Prioritizing and staying organized all while finding the time to workout shows your children and others around you the importance of self-care (no matter how busy you think you are). 

One thing is for sure, working out and sticking with a routine shows dedication, perseverance and structure. Kids for instance thrive on routine and structure. Why do you think teachers in school have a schedule and post student expectations on a daily basis? It’s because knowing what is expected of you sets the standard not only for your day, but also for your goals and aspirations. The same thing goes for when others watch you. When you're seen putting in the time and effort at the gym, most likely others will follow suit. 

They’ll begin to understand how important it is to move your body, challenge it and set goals. Setting goals is something your kids do in school anyway. They set goals for reading, math, and their work. You know it. School is about setting and reaching goals. So when others watch you work hard and accomplish something great, they’ll be more apt to do the same. 

Many associate self-care with meditation or heading to the spa- true those are all part of taking care of you but just like working out, self-care has many layers.

All these parts of self-care are essential when working on your best self. Self-care has also been linked to a healthier mindset and mental well being. Another amazing reason to keep putting your health first and showing how necessary it is to be a fitness rock star! 

Caring for your mental health also directly relates to working out. When you move your body, push it further and once again, accomplish goals, your mood increases and your health skyrockets tenfold. The sooner you put these pieces into play, the sooner others will realize that yes, they too can develop a strong mental mindset and be healthy, powerful, and unstoppable. But remember, it all starts with you. 

2. Developing a Healthy Lifestyle

Let’s start with kids. Kids are like sponges. They soak up everything and anything they see. So why not give them something amazing to look at- you. Let them see you working out, being strong and striving to live your best life! Creating a healthy lifestyle may not always be easy, but it is the best thing you can do for you and your family. The key word being lifestyle. Not a fad, or trend. 

Your health should be held in high regard and something you spend time learning about, working towards and achieving each day with the choices you put in your body, and the way you workout. Fads are just that, they come and go. But a lifestyle is something you stick with, own and rock each and every day. 

Helping your kids develop a healthy lifestyle is also important for their mind.  A strong body and nutritious way of life will give your kids the opportunity to live each day confident and energetic giving them the tools to achieve their potential.  And guess what? You have the power to influence them! Isn’t that such a fantastic opportunity? Let your kids and others see you eating healthy, moving your body and choosing to be lean, strong and happy. Once they see you-

They’ll absolutely do the same. Think about how good it feels to see someone looking up at you with eyes wide open, in admiration.

Of course working out and making sure you treat your body well is the right thing to do for you, but it’s even better for those you’ve taken under your wing and look to you as their hero. Modeling a healthy lifestyle is much more than what you do at the gym. It’s about what you put into your body and how you’re able to handle certain situations. 

Exercise in general is an amazing outlet to relieve stress, give structure to your routine and help your body bounce back from illness or injury. It’s so important for your child to see this. It’s important for them to develop balance in their lives and value the positive impact eating right and exercising has on their body and mind.

3. Maintaining a Positive Relationship with Yourself

Another benefit of modeling a healthy lifestyle for your child and others who admire you, is showing them the positive relationship you have with your body and food. Now more than ever children for instance are feeling the “social strain” of being judged, or struggling with self image. One of the most important things we can do for our children is model self care and self love. When you show your child how much you respect your body and mind, they will come to understand that everyone has flaws but everyone is strong, beautiful and brave.  

Working out gives you these benefits. Following a consistent routine, treating your body like a temple, nourishing it and moving it all contribute to a positive self-worth. Show others that creating and sticking to a healthy lifestyle teaches them how amazing they are, and how they’re also unstoppable. Exercise and working out also allows you to embrace challenges and gives you the tools to know that nothing will stand in your way. Teach that, let them watch you crush your WOD and then encourage them to do the same. Never give up, never let down and accomplish anything. That’s a motto to live for. 

As a CrossFitter you also know the benefits of setting goals and kicking it in the gym to crush them! Goal setting and accomplishing goals is such a draw for people new to CrossFit and reason why others can’t see themselves doing anything else. Goal setting is a life skill that applies to all walks of life.

Talk to others about your workout goals, encourage them to join you at the gym or make a day out of working out together. Regardless, the more involved and active you are, the quicker others around you will jump on and model themselves after you. It’s a win-win. 

So next time you lace up remember you’re not just working out to look good and feel good about yourself, you're working out to set an example for those who love and admire you. Health is the real wealth in life because without it, we truly have nothing. Give your family and those around you a reason to work hard, set and accomplish goals and be their best self. See you in the gym!

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