Train Hard, Play Hard- 3 Reasons How CrossFit Training Will Step Up Your Game and Why You Should Join ACES!

See how CrossFit's ACES program for youth athletes can help your tween up their game and get in tip-top shape, fast!
CrossFit Threefold
May 5, 2023
Train Hard, Play Hard- 3 Reasons How CrossFit Training Will Step Up Your Game and Why You Should Join ACES!

Train Hard, Play Hard- 3 Reasons How CrossFit Training Will Step Up Your Game and Why You Should Join ACES!

CrossFit has been known for helping people achieve their fitness goals, lose weight and develop a healthier and stronger lifestyle. But CrossFit can do so much more, especially if you’re looking for a way to up your game, build strength, gain endurance and perfect your athletic skills.

If you’re a teen or parent of a teen ages 13-18 and are looking to gain any of these elements for your sport, athleticism or speed then CrossFit Threefold has a program for you. Now more than ever sports are competitive and aggressive. Which is why developing strong and promising athletes is essential. But that gain doesn’t come without training and hard work. Training your body to achieve specific results is key to becoming an elite athlete that will go the extra mile, perform above expectation and show the drive needed to be a champion!

Enter CrossFit’s Advanced Champions Engaged in Sports or ACES program.  ACES is a fantastic program shown to help young athletes develop the skills necessary to compete, achieve and strengthen their athletic skills. It’s also designed to help athletes improve in three specific key areas:

✔️ Functional Elements of Fitness: Endurance, Stamina, Strength, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Coordination, Agility, Balance and Accuracy

✔️Sport Specific Skills such as a  volleyball player who wants to increase their vertical, a baseball/softball player who wants to increase their bat speed, etc.

✔️Injury Prevention

Let’s take a deeper look into each of these areas and see how CrossFit can help you achieve optimal sports performance. 

Functional Elements of Fitness and CrossFit

If you think about what makes an amazing athlete words like- strength, endurance, power, and dedication may come to mind. These are also words that describe a CrossFitter. Why? Well it’s because a CrossFit athlete is that and so much more. CrossFit athletes are goal setters, dedicated, hard working and motivated individuals that value health, strength and ability. Another reason why athletes and CrossFit programs mesh so well.

During CrossFit training you’re constantly setting goals, developing your determination and establishing resilience to achieve, all while gaining strength and power. Just like an amazing athlete. And since CrossFit is also referred to as functional training at high intensity, it allows athletes to incorporate a variety of exercises into their workouts. Exercises such as weight lifting, gymnastic style moves, and cardiovascular conditioning all work in sync to improve performance. Being part of ACES also teaches young athletes how to be a team player, show support, encourage and develop a positive mindset. 

CrossFit is the perfect way to increase your endurance, stamina, strength and fitness ability. During a CrossFit workout, you push your body to the limits and challenge it to go further and lift heavier. Since CrossFit also incorporates High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT, it’s the perfect combination to increase your speed and endurance resulting in a stronger and more powerful you. During HIIT training your body goes through short bursts of high intensity exercises, increasing your heartbeat and kicking your stamina into full gear, right through the roof! Perfect for athletes. When you’re out there on the field, aren’t you in constant motion? Cutting left, juking right. Athletes are always moving so honing in on those agility moves, quick bursts of energy and ability to move faster becomes natural and skillful when trained properly.

So what better way to train your body than with the ACES program. It will provide you with the right skill drills to increase stamina, strengthen your endurance and cause energy levels to soar. 

Another reason so many are jumping on the CrossFit train is because these workouts are tailored for your needs. Whatever your personal goal, CrossFit has a program and path to help you rock it. So when it comes to improved overall athletic performance you’ll also be given the opportunity to join a program tailored to meet your needs. When you join ACES your coach will work with you on specific skills so you can grow leaps and bounds as an athlete.  Each time you step in the gym you’ll be challenged and pushed further eliminating that fitness plateau and helping your body gain energy, strength and the ability to train harder, and play longer! 

Sport Specific Skills and Drills

One of the reasons athletes are turning to the CrossFit ACES program is because of variety.  This program offers a variety of exercises that guarantee an increase in athletic performance.  Let’s take basketball for instance. If you’re a basketball athlete there is a lot to take into consideration both on and off the court. Aside from a killer jump-shot, you have to be able to use quick burst movement up and down the court as well as nail your verticals to block a jump-shot. For this instance and many more, CrossFit Threefold has you covered. The exercises and classes ACES offers will focus on specific sport skills to develop your athletic skills. In return you’ll jump higher, sprint faster and increase your stamina so you can play longer.

Maybe you play baseball or softball. If that’s the case ACES also has a set of classes and skills to increase your bat speed and help you practice coordinating your mind and body with functional, high intensity skills and drills. CrossFit fundamentals and sport-specific movements drive the foundation behind each and every class Threefold has to offer. With consistent practice and involvement in the ACES program you will develop a solid strength and power base driving your performance both in and out of the gym and on the field. The variety of strength training and circuit work will push your body to the limits and help young athletes develop their ability far more than training on their own. The coaching, equipment and sequence of training ACES provides will lead you down a path towards success.

Training as an athlete is more than just lifting a few weights or running a few miles. It’s about variety so you never get bored, interval training so your body increases its stamina and having no limits so you can become a stronger and fitter you, regardless of age. CrossFit programs pride themselves on helping participants become better at any skills and achieve their optimal goals. You are constantly working on new exercises and skill sets making you the best athlete you can be so you can say, “there’s no stopping me now!”

Injury Prevention

Training as a well rounded athlete means that not only do you challenge your body to work on several physical skills but it also means you’re knowledgeable on keeping your body safe and injury free. Injury is most likely the number one hesitation with some for playing a sport. Well that and winning, right? So how does CrossFit help prevent injury? Keep reading. 

During your CrossFit workout, you’ll be working out muscles all over your body. Depending on your particular goal or what exercises your coaches pick for your sessions, variety is key.  When you work all muscles, and not just specifics over and over, you are less likely to have injury. Why? Well when you overwork the same muscle groups, like some tend to do with single sport activities, you experience overuse injuries. CrossFit works to eliminate that aspect by helping well rounded athletes achieve optimal performance by working all muscle groups and areas. 

Anytime you lift weights and condition your body, you strengthen your muscles. When you strengthen your muscles and increase stamina, your body is less likely to get injured. Stronger muscles, improved cardiovascular health and better endurance all take part in keeping your body strong and healthy. Strong body, less injury.  Strength training also improves body alignment which in return makes injury less likely. If you really think about it, you’d never jump into a soccer, basketball, volleyball or football game without some type of training because your muscles would ache and you’d be more apt to getting hurt. Training your body with weights, cardio exercises and intervals helps it perform at its best which includes staying injury free. 

So if you’re ready to achieve optimal performance, train your body to be its best and have fun while doing it, then CrossFit Threefold’s ACES program is for you. You will work hard, gain results and make a new set of fitness friends along the way. It’s time to give your body what it needs to be the best athlete you’re capable of- stronger, skillful and unstoppable!

We can’t wait to see you soon! Join us and get ready to uncover your confidence and be a champion!

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