Kick Your Excuses to the Curb- 3 Easy and Effective Ways to Stick with a Nutrition and Workout Plan

It's time to kick your excuses to the curb. Here are 3 easy ways to stick with a nutrition and workout plan.
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March 9, 2023
Kick Your Excuses to the Curb- 3 Easy and Effective Ways to Stick with a Nutrition and Workout Plan

Kick Your Excuses to the Curb- 3 Easy and Effective Ways to Stick with a Nutrition and Workout Plan


Dieting is not easy and sometimes neither is sticking to a workout plan. But the key to tackling both is creating a lifestyle, not following a trend. No more dieting, no more restrictions and no more fads that are hard to stick with. Yes, you can stick with a nutrition and workout plan. Start by following the steps below and kick your excuses to the curb. Amazing lifestyle, here I come!

Eating right and starting or sticking to a fitness routine are probably way up there on your to do list. You want to feel better, and look better, I mean who doesn’t? Good for you, you should be proud that you understand how important nutrition and fitness is for your overall well being. Acknowledging this is the first step in creating a better version of you! 

So what’s next? Most likely you start thinking about what you put into your body and how often you challenge it to make gains. Are you making a grocery list each week? What about a workout plan? If you are, fabulous! But what happens if you get knocked off track and slowly start to slip? This happens far too often, and you may be wondering why. You had such good intentions and were ready to stick with your plan. 

Here it is. Nine times out of ten, your mindset starts to shift and you start regressing.  The all or nothing intention you created is just too tough to stick with and I get it! I’ve been there and want you to know that you aren’t alone in that thinking. The truth is most people just can’t stick with a nutrition or workout plan because they make it too hard. They adopt an all or nothing mentality. Do yourself a favor, don’t set huge expectations with lots of restrictions because you are going to get burned. Cutting out your favorites or restricting your carbs completely is quite frankly unsustainable and that’s where things start to wobble off track. When you focus on limiting yourself, it is like failure has won and you’re asking for defeat. 

Instead focus on lifestyle. Your focus should be on creating a healthy and sustainable lifestyle- one you can maintain and love. Having an all or nothing mentality when it comes to nutrition or a workout plan is bound for failure. Truth be told, you are going to slip and say yes to a slice of pizza, piece of cake or your favorite indulgence. And guess what? That’s ok. Everything in moderation.

Give yourself permission to enjoy all things life has to offer and be smart with your goals and choices.

When you give yourself permission to have an occasional treat or your favorite indulgence every now and then, you never set yourself up for failure. Instead you are living! Even the smallest slip up or “cheat” when you place restrictions on yourself can feel like an epic failure, so let yourself live. That’s why we’re all here right? To live our lives to the fullest and experience all that life has to offer. But of course doing so in a healthy, active and fulfilling way.  

When you start creating a lifestyle instead of restricting yourself then you won’t worry so much about sweating the small stuff. Give yourself permission to be human. Be kind to yourself and move on! Life happens, but the most important thing to do is get right back at it and focus up. 

This all sounds good and true but how can you actually stick with a nutrition and workout plan? Just take a look at the 3 steps below and kiss your excuses goodbye. Get ready for a lifestyle of health, nutrition and strength! You’ll smash your WOD and hit that box harder than you ever imagined. Let’s do this!

1. Start with a Plan

Ok what is it that you want to accomplish? Do you want to build lean muscle, shred a few unwanted pounds, increase your energy or improve mental health? Maybe you just want a meal plan that will nourish your body and fuel your workouts pushing you harder.

Regardless of your goals success looks like this:

Sticking to a goal is as simple as making a plan.  Start by writing down what you want to achieve and make it visible. What will make you happiest, and lead you to the best version of yourself? Once you’re able to pin that down, make a plan. Keep in mind that you don’t have to do that on your own.  If you aren't sure where to start, don’t worry, that is where CrossFit comes into play. CrossFit coaches and our programs are designed with you in mind so sticking to a plan is simple and easy. A certified expert coach will make sure your plan is sustainable and one you’ll be able to stick with. You don’t want to set a goal that is way too lofty and then sets yourself up for failure right? So let CrossFit help you.

Along with creating a plan is motivation. What is motivating you to change? Why do you want to adopt a healthier lifestyle? Make sure you know the “why” behind your decision. Once you are in tune with what you really want, everything else will fall into place. Team up with one of CrossFit’s coaches and watch your goals become successes and your aspirations, a reality! There is power in teamwork and power in planning- so start planning and make it happen. 

2. Understand your body and what it needs

You’re here reading this so that’s step one.  Step one is acknowledging that you want to be healthy, get fit and you want the tools to do so longterm. Another key in creating a nutrition and workout plan that sticks is understanding what your body needs.  Making guesses about the amount of calories you are consuming each day, or need won’t get you results.  Or guessing how many calories you need to gain muscle and lose fat, that won’t get you anywhere either- learn it, understand and own it.

Knowledge is power, right? Absolutely! And with the right tools and skills you will arm yourself with the knowledge that will help you know what your body needs.

✔️ proper nutrition

✔️a workout plan that’s easy to stick with

These will happen once you understand. How hard can it be? You put in the work by going to the gym so why not take some time to understand exactly what you need in order to reap the benefits of your amazing workouts! There are so many free online calculators out there that can help you determine your personalized stats. The right amount of calories, carbohydrates, fats and macros you need to obtain optimal results. But guess what, coaches like the ones at CrossFit Threefold, are stacked with the knowledge you need to understand what success looks like. The coaches will work with you and help you create a customized nutrition plan  guaranteeing results. And once you see results, you’ll never want to go back.

All in all it’s simple. In order to get the most of your workouts, start on the inside. Nutrition is key and in many cases it can make or break your success. So don’t let it break you!  Remember that all or nothing mentality? “Dieting” or yo-yo  trends, they won’t work because you either restrict yourself or fall off track because you take on too much. CrossFit Threefold is ready to help you find a program that is maintainable and one you can use for life. 

3. You + An Accountability Buddy = Success

Have you ever heard of an accountability partner? If you have then you are well on your way to kissing your excuses goodbye and sticking with your plans.  When you work out with a partner or schedule a class with your favorite coach, you are more likely to be consistent and intentional with nutrition and working out. 

Not only will gearing up with a buddy keep you accountable but it will also help you stay on track with a healthy, customized eating regimine and workout plan. Think about it, if you have a partner or friend dedicated to making better choices and working hard to accomplish their fitness goals like you, sticking to it will be that much easier. Excuses- bye bye.

Another benefit of an accountability partner- sharing! You can share healthy recipes, meal plans or even give each other props for staying on track. Meal planning is also a key factor in sticking to a routine and your goals. Although it takes time and organization, meal planning has many benefits. It teaches portion control and keeps unwanted items out of your cart. You know what I mean? The extra box or bag of “something” you threw in because you were shopping while hungry. I’ve been there too, but sticking to  a list and a plan helps out. Meal planning also saves you money and time because you already know what to prepare and can throw together an amazing meal in a snap. Maybe there have been barriers in the past knocking you off track, but not anymore.

Making better choices for your body will not only make you feel good mentally and say “yes I got this!” But they’ll also make you physically feel good- especially when hitting your workouts tough. Fuel your body with the good stuff and your workouts will thank you. 

So what are you waiting for? Start with a plan, understand what your body needs and grab a buddy.  You got this. Believe it and achieve it- no more excuses!

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