3 barriers Impacting Your Fitness Journey and How to Overcome Them Now

Lack of time, cost, or mindset- no matter what barrier you’re facing, there is a solution.
CrossFit Threefold
February 26, 2023
3 barriers Impacting Your Fitness Journey and How to Overcome Them Now

3 barriers Impacting Your Fitness Journey and How to Overcome Them Now

Lack of time, cost, or mindset- no matter what barrier you’re facing, there is a solution.

CrossFit workouts will help you crush your fitness goals.

Barriers. Yep you know them. Those pesky things that stand in the way of reaching your goals or following through with a task- it’s exhausting to deal with, right? Or is it. 

You might be wondering how you can overcome these obstacles. They’ve slowly crept up over the years and stare you in the face- almost challenging you to fail. Well wonder no more. Begin by repeating these words- I WILL NOT FAIL. And you won’t.

You won’t fail because you’re here reading this. You won’t fail because you know your physical and mental well being deserve to be held in high regard and are key to a happier, healthier life.

Go ahead, keep reading. Learn how you can start knocking down your barriers and work towards achieving ultimate health and wellness.  Why? Because you deserve it, you need it and you will not back down.

Make Time for You- Are You Really Too Busy?

Let’s start with time. Time is your most valuable asset, but the problem is it goes way too fast. Just think about it. Remember when you were a teenager, living carefree, excited to see what the world had to offer? Yep, I do too.

Then you become an adult and just like that life is a whirlwind of responsibility.  Landing a job, keeping a job, creating a social life, starting a family, reaching your goals, etc. What happened to taking it slow, breathing it all in and enjoying the ride? 

Time goes by in an instant. And somewhere along the way, maybe you lost your spark, your desire to hit the gym, or maybe deep down you know you’ve gotten off track and are trying to get back on!  The fact of the matter is your physical well being is what you need most. You need it to achieve, to be successful and to be good to yourself. So make the time. 

Time is the biggest and most common obstacle those starting or continuing on their fitness journey deal with.  Life is busy, work is even busier and the kids- oh my gosh, the kids! You have to trek them everywhere.  But the thing is none of these will happen unless you are on your “A” game. Work, kids, family, whatever is “in your way” of making time for you, forget about it. If you are not taken care of, nothing else will work. Plain and simple.

Look around your house, is your phone sitting next to you? Is your calendar sending you alerts as we speak, or maybe you’re old school and are staring at a new 2023 wall calendar already filled up with activity, obligations and notes.  

If it is, that’s ok but you’re going to start looking at those reminders, and making them work for you. It’s time to create a schedule for you. Look at your calendar and make a promise. Promise to dedicate time for yourself, pencil it in and start small. Once you see the ball in motion and see progress and how good your body responds to a commitment to you, add in more. 

Add in another 10 minute block, or hit that WOD or a CrossFit class you know and love- slowly and surely you will win the race. Your health and fitness are the most important part of your life.  Where would you be without your health? Nowhere, right?  Good health drives your day-to-day, motivates you, allows you to function and be your best not only for those around you but most importantly for you!

So, you made a promise to start making time for yourself, but now what? What will push you just a little bit further to follow through? Easy- community, support, CrossFit. A great way to push past this barrier is through community. Joining a gym like CrossFit Threefold, helps you make  time because it is inspiring, motivating and gives results! 

✓ Classes

✓ Coaches

✓ Friends 

All of these checkpoints keep you motivated and coming back for more. Pencil in a class, or a WOD and you will connect with coaches, friends and a forever fitness family. This family will never let you down and will help you find a class that fits right into your busy schedule. Because, you’re never that busy to put yourself first!

Prioritize you and let CrossFit Threefold’s range of classes whether during the day, night or on weekends be the key to breaking through your time barrier. 

Prioritizing the Cost- Can You Put a Price Tag on Your Health?

Ok, so now that you’ve conquered time, what’s next? Are you concerned about how much it will cost to fully commit to a program or gym? Yes, cost is an important consideration but here’s the thing- if you don’t put forth the effort to become healthier, stronger and even wiser about your eating habits, the cost will come in different ways. Inconsistent exercise, less than stellar eating habits and lack of motivation will more than likely spiral down to a “you” you don’t recognize.  The cost of health is priceless.

Let’s dive deeper into this.  According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the average American spends $3,000 a year going out to eat. Now don’t get me wrong, going out to eat is a treat- socializing, enjoying new foods, and not having to cook are all perks but maybe, just maybe you can think of a way to cut that bill in half and put your money to a better use- commitment, health, nutrition, CrossFit.

If cost is on your mind and of course, it is on almost everyone’s mind- maybe it’s time to prioritize what you’re spending on. True, some gyms can be expensive but not all. 

The trick is to find gyms that work with you, and give the most bang for your buck.  Take CrossFit Threefold, they offer membership plans and are part of a small community that supports, guides and makes your money worth it. 

The fact is we all spend money, it’s just where and how we spend it that matters. Wouldn’t you rather put your hard earned cash towards- 

Absolutely, because you can’t put a price tag on your health. So spend your money well!

Fitness and Mindset- Is a Fixed Mindset Affecting Your Physical Fitness Success?

Yes- mindset is a “thing" and factors greatly into either reaching goals or letting those pesky obstacles win- don’t let them win!  So what is it? Mindset is the set of beliefs you hold deep within yourself. It is the way you view obstacles, your abilities and what you are capable of achieving.  According to American psychologist, Carol Dweck who is known for her work on mindset and motivation mindset has two forms:

Dweck also says in her book titled “Mindset” that it is not intelligence, talent or education that sets successful people apart. It’s mindset and how life’s challenges are viewed. Really think about it, how many times have you thought a workout might be too hard or you just can’t finish that last set. We’ve all been there. It’s all about mindset. 

If you’re a mom, mindset is something you know all too well.  You encourage your children to keep trying, you pick them up when they fall down and you help them rethink their negative thoughts. You teach them to change their “cants” to “can dos.”  But how hard is it to take your own advice? My gosh it’s hard- but taking your own advice is something that should and needs to be done to grow your mindset. Try it-

    ✓ I will.

    ✓ I can.

    ✓ I believe.

But like all things in life, especially when trying something new or making a change- it takes time and practice.  Mindset work takes practice, intentional practice where you coach yourself to believe and focus only on the positive. Keep going! I’m almost there! I know I can do it!

Once you start to change your mindset, you will be able to knock down the barrier of “I can’t.” You will be able to push past your turning point and believe that “It’s not too hard.” And you will crush the obstacles preventing you from saying “I believe.”  

There is power in positive thinking- and it all starts with mindset.  One way you can build that mindset and not let it become an obstacle in achieving optimal health is by tracking your results. Benchmarking tracking, like those done at CrossFit Threefold, allows you to see progress and gains you’re making along the way.  Seeing is believing- and that belief fosters a growth mindset. It also pushes you through obstacles to achieve your goals!

Are you beginning to see the power in positive thinking? I hope so. Positive thinking also works hand in hand with programs like the ones CrossFit Threefold offers.  The programs and WOD (workouts of the day), along with supportive and hard working coaches encourage growth mindset and sculpt a path of belief and determination for your fitness journey.

So how can you get started?

I think you already did. When you decide to overcome obstacles and believe in yourself, change will come- positive change. Whether you are reengaging in your fitness journey or trying to overcome an obstacle- remember you have what it takes. Deep inside you, you are a fighter and a believer. 

Time, cost, mindset- sure they all play a part in your decisions but the ultimate decision is the one you make for yourself. It’s time to push through your obstacles and come out the other side- stronger, happier, healthier and the best version of “you.” CrossFit Threefold is excited for your journey and even more excited to show you a path towards optimal health and success. Join us and never say “I can’t” again!

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