Stay Active, Be Strong- Why 3F Youth Should Be Part of Your Child's Summer Plan

This summer give your child the skills and drills they need to be one step ahead both physically and socially come August!
CrossFit Threefold
May 17, 2023
Stay Active, Be Strong- Why 3F Youth Should Be Part of Your Child's Summer Plan

Stay Active, Be Strong- Why 3F Youth FITCAMP Should Be Part of Your Child's Summer Plan

Summer is just around the corner. As spring sports and school start to wind down, the same question lingers in the minds of parents and guardians alike, “what am I going to do with my child all summer long?” True your kids are probably jumping for joy but soon enough when the school bell rings for the last time, boredom eventually sets in. Then what? You know how it goes. You’re still plugging away at your 9-5 and your kids are begging, asking, pleading to be occupied. Lucky for you CrossFit Threefold has an answer. It’s time to reach out and find a fun and affordable solution- CrossFit Threefold’s 3F Youth FitCamp

Let’s dig into why 3F Youth FitCamp should be part of your child’s summer plan. Get ready for physical, emotional and fitness skills that will set your child up for success now and always. No more wondering how those summer days will be spent, it’s time to sign up, gear up and unleash your child’s inner athlete!

CrossFit Threefold’s 3F FitCamp is not just any camp, it’s a camp designed with your child in mind. If you’re a parent of a 12-17 year old then FitCamp is for you. Take a look at the benefits of signing your child up. Kick boredom and the summer slide out the door, this summer your child will be waking you up to get to camp!

3FitCamp- Developing a Positive and Social Mindset

Attending a summer camp has many benefits, but one that sticks out most is developing a positive and social mindset. Mindset is a buzzword now-a-days and is essential for your child to develop in order to be more positive, self confident and social.  A positive mindset has been linked to better self-esteem and more control when dealing with challenging situations. When your child is part of an organized activity, a positive mindset develops naturally giving them a chance to experience new opportunities, experiences and skills. This in turn helps them develop their self-esteem and believe in the power of their abilities! Camps like CrossFit Threefold’s 3F FitCamp create confident, strong, and determined athletes.   

When your child signs up for 3F FitCamp they’ll participate in a variety of skills, drills and enhanced sports performance tasks that boost their confidence, develop their mindset and help them reach their goals. One aspect that keeps CrossFitters of all ages coming back for more is consistent goal setting and achieving. When you reach a goal, your mind and body become stronger, happier and healthier! This holds true as well for the 3F program.  Let’s say your child has a goal to improve their speed and agility, CrossFit has a camp for that. Maybe your child plays baseball or softball and wants to increase their bat speed, we’ve got you covered. And what about wrestling? If your child is looking for a way to balance their nutrition, we’re here to help!

Each skill specific week will foster your child’s positive thinking by providing guidance, support and constant encouragement. Your child will never fail. They will only see gains. They will gain strength, confidence and positivity. 

Another important aspect of 3F is socialization and team building.  CrossFit is a community. We always have been and always will hold our tight knit community in high regard.  And guess what? That doesn’t stop with just our regular programs. It includes and is definitely a large part of our camps. When your child joins 3F they will make new friends, develop team building skills and acquire leadership qualities. Each day groups of students will work together to set and achieve their goals, push each other forward and encourage one another to never give up. As kids build friendships and learn how to support one another through their summer camp activities, they also develop important life skills for functioning both socially and emotionally. These life skills can only be taught by camaraderie and community.  What more could you ask for? Check positive and social mindset off your list!

3Fit Camp- Developing a Stronger and Healthier Kid

Yes, summer camp will definitely help your child become more self-confident, social and develop a positive mindset but another driving force behind our camp and others is also the physical benefits of attending. The last thing you want to do is allow your child to sit around and play video games, or drive you crazy all summer long right? You want what’s best for your child and that includes moving their bodies and becoming stronger, healthier and happier- just like you. Isn’t that the reason you workout? You also want to become your best self so why not give your child the opportunity to do the same. 

When attending 3F FitCamp your child will take part in daily activities that rev their engines, challenge their bodies and help them achieve their fitness and sports performance goals.  Each week a different skill is offered-

Physical fitness is an essential part of a growing body. By staying active for at least the recommended 60 minutes a day, your child will continue to flourish from the inside out. Regular physical activity has been linked to children with higher levels of fitness, stronger bones, improved cognition and not to mention lower levels of depression. Need we say more?

Also by attending 3F it takes the guesswork out of how to stay active, who to stay active with and for how long.  Our camp has you covered. No matter what sport or athletic goal your child wants to perform better in, CrossFit Threefold offers several weeks dedicated to helping them grow and become their best self. Check physical activity off your list!

3F FitCamp- Helping Prevent the Summer Slide

This time of year I’m sure you’ve heard about “the summer slide.” The summer slide is a term coined to describe regression in children who do not stay active both academically, socially or physically during the summer.  One thing children thrive on, especially while young, is routine and structure. Going to school those 184 days certainly teaches them the importance of structure and routine. But then, school lets out and just like that, their typical day-to-day changes and they might begin to feel lost, unsure or a bit frazzled. 

One way to eliminate those feelings and keep thriving is by signing up for a summer camp to keep the structure and routine going all summer long.  When kids know what is expected of them, and when they are responsible for showing up somewhere, reaching goals and completing tasks, they are more successful as a whole. This is just another benefit of attending a summer camp, especially CrossFit Threefolds 3F FitCamp. Your child will take on leadership roles, track their fitness results, work with other teammates and follow a structured routine. 

Think about it, don’t you also thrive on consistency? I bet you do, and if you keep that momentum going all summer for your child, come August they’ll never skip a beat! Essentially you’re setting them up for continued success. No matter the sport or skill level, we’ve got a camp that will give your child results. 

Make this summer one your child will remember. It’s time to give them the chance to grow physically, mentally and emotionally. Give your child the opportunity to develop their body and minds this summer with expert training, supportive friends and skills to use year round. Their performance will soar, confidence skyrocket and their ability- well they’ll knock your socks off. Check us out and pick a 3F FitCamp week that’s right for your super star! 

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