Mindset, Pushing Yourself Further- Yes, You Can Do More Than You Think

Developing your mindset is key to fitness success. Read on to find out more.
CrossFit Threefold
July 14, 2023
Mindset, Pushing Yourself Further- Yes, You Can Do More Than You Think

Mindset, Pushing Yourself Further- Yes, You Can Do More Than You Think!

Can’t. That’s a word that by the end of this article, you’ll hopefully eliminate from your vocabulary. It’s far too easy to say “I can’t” but in all honesty it’s an excuse. Can’t is just an easy way out. It’s easy to think oh well I can’t lift 5 more pounds, or I can’t push 5 minutes longer. But working out and creating the amazing body you’re striving for is all about work. It’s about dedication, endurance, strength, balance and perseverance. Once you eliminate the “can’ts” you’ll be well on your way to optimal health and success. It’s time to start believing that you’re capable of much more than you think. Start training your brain. It all starts there. Mindset + Determination = You being your best!

Your brain is an amazing part of your body. It helps make decisions, controls emotions, creates memories, and commands your body how and when to function properly. And just like every other aspect of your body, it requires training and good health to be its best. But what does training your brain look like? Let’s start with the fact that it is never about giving up, saying “I can’t” or excusing a work out. Training your brain begins with believing in yourself, creating a positive mindset and pushing yourself further than you ever thought possible. It’s time to go get it!

Mindset- Connecting Your Brain to Your Workout

During a workout, your brain does more than just tell you to follow your coach, and repeat. It gives you direction, helps you think through your workout and also allows you to problem solve and enjoy the emotional balance and benefits of hitting the gym. Physical activity has been proven to strengthen your brain health and decrease your chances of cognitive decline. Not to mention the more you workout and “work” your brain the better you’ll feel and the more you’ll accomplish. 

So let’s go back to the “I can’t” comment earlier. Too many of us say that we just can’t workout because we’re strapped for time or because we’re too tired. Well guess what? Working out has the power to boost your mood, energy and research also shows that exercise delivers oxygen and nutrients to your tissues helping your cardiovascular system work more efficiently. When your cardiovascular system works at its best, you’re less likely to tire, give up or be more susceptible to injury. Constantly moving and strengthening your body also improves your heart and lung health. The result- more energy to tackle your chores and go about your day to day. 

Connecting your brain to your workout is about making a plan, sticking with it and not letting anything stand in your way. Kick that “I can’t” mentality, out the door. When you focus on you, and understand the importance of self care and staying physically active, your brain becomes stronger and more resilient to challenges. Sure we all have busy schedules, but if you aren’t mentally and physically strong, you can kiss those schedules and obligations goodbye. You have to be at your best in order to perform, overcome challenges, accomplish your goals and be your best for yourself and your family. It’s so important to workout so why second guess it? Yes you can make time to hit the gym, and make this your best life and be your best self. It just takes a little training and dedication. Make it a goal, make it a priority

Mindset- Connecting Positive Thinking to Your Workout

The benefits of consistent workouts are endless. 

Truly, I could go on and on about how good exercise is for your mind and body. The trick is making sure you work on developing a positive mindset so you can keep pushing your body in the gym and believing in your full potential. That is just one area CrossFit Threefold excels at- helping you see your potential and guiding you through each workout to achieve success!

Mindset should not be taken for granted. It is something just like your brain that you need to work on, train and then practice with consistency. Because if and when you do so, the benefits are amazing. 

Creating a positive mindset sets you up for success both in and out of the gym. When you work on your positive mindset, everything else falls into place. It’s so amazing. Once you change your negative to positive thoughts, how much you can do, accomplish and be proud of skyrockets! But I’m not just talking positive thoughts at the gym, I’m talking about it in your everyday life. When you think positively, the daily grind doesn’t seem so bad. Turn your ugh thoughts about heading to work or hitting the gym into feelings of “I’m going to crush it today!” or “I’m going to make both my boss or more importantly myself proud!” 

Let’s go back to the gym for a second. If you’re consistently working out and attending classes, then you may need to up your game. Remember, you don’t want to hit a workout plateau. Have you ever fallen victim to thinking that you just can’t lift heavier, go harder or increase your goals? If so, you’re not alone. Oftentimes people get to a point in their workout routine where they feel comfortable and aren’t sure they can give more. The truth? Yes, you can! Enter once again, having a positive mindset and another awesome benefit of CrossFit workouts. CrossFit workouts have gained popularity because you are constantly setting and achieving new goals. You’re working each day to improve, increase and go further.

You can give more and take your workout to another level. Simply believe in yourself and change your mindset. Maybe at one time pull ups were something you never thought you could do. But with a little work, and slowly increasing your stamina, grip strength and mentality your goals and accomplishments become a reality. As you workout, think about the 4 pillars of optimal health- strength, endurance, balance and flexibility. Those 4 aspects of your everyday being don’t just come easily. They are achieved once again with hard work and mindset and are also key components to your success. 

Your body has the ability to be pushed far more than we let it. It’s just about mindset. Forget failure, well actually rethink it. If you think about failure as defeat then you’re wrong. Train your brain to view it in a different light. Think about failure as your “first attempt at learning.” Even though that sounds a bit strange when it comes to your workouts, anytime you try a new WOD or you push yourself to do one more rep, you’re learning. Well actually your body is. Your body is learning to adapt to a new challenge and another step closer to a more amazing you. So do it. Make a promise to yourself to rethink failure. Your mind and body will thank you. You’ll be able to continue on, accept challenges, become stronger and more resilient. 

Mindset- Staying Positive to Achieve All Your Goals

I think by now it’s evident how important your mindset is when working towards achieving your goals and aspirations. It’s a buzz word that’s been around for awhile, but ever since 2020, it’s certainly something that has taken a different shape and held in higher regard. You can do anything you put your mind to. I dare you to just think about your goals and then, take them one step further. You will feel so strong, confident and powerful when you start seeing how much you really can do! At CrossFit Threefold our expert coaches are trained to help you overcome challenges and yes, push you to your absolute best! Maybe it’s a “best” you never thought possible. Regardless, we have the tools to train you, show you and give you to achieve all your goals. Can’t? Ha, laugh at that word and shove it out of the way. It’s more like CAN and WILL do! Now and always, you’ve got what it takes and we can’t wait to see you in the gym! 

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