The 4 Pillars of Health- How to Crush Them and Be Your Best Self

Strength, endurance, balance and flexibility. Read on to find out more about the 4 pillars of optimal health.
CrossFit Threefold
June 30, 2023
The 4 Pillars of Health- How to Crush Them and Be Your Best Self

The 4 Pillars of Health- How to Crush Them and Be Your Best Self

Health. It is the most important aspect of you. But it’s also made up of several layers, four to be exact. Once you arm yourself with the knowledge, and understanding of the four layers or pillars of health, you’ll be unstoppable. Many people take their health for granted, but the fact is you’re only given one shot at this amazing life, so why not make it your best.  Let’s take a closer look into the four pillars of health, how to crush them and how to be your best self. No more overthinking, or taking your health for granted. Take charge and own your health, one step, or should I say four, at a time.  Do this right, and you’ll be reaping the benefits now and always.

Pillar 1- Strength. Being strong from the inside out.

Just like anything in life, your health takes work. Or should I say achieving optimal health takes work. You’re not granted a free pass to strength or even a healthy ticker, it’s something you have to understand, know and work towards achieving.  Start with your ability and strength. Strength is not only about how much weight you can lift, it’s also about how strong your mind is. It comes from within and the only way to train it is with consistency and determination. Sure you can go to the gym and lift weight after weight, but that’s only the start. Strength comes from your drive and the way you push yourself to be your best self. Here at CrossFit Threefold our expert coaches are focused and dedicated to help you improve your mental and physical strength. Through personalized and guided classes you will work on becoming stronger, leaner and healthier from the inside out. A strong mental mindset has the capability of pushing you further so you not only reach your fitness goals but become unstoppable. 

Now let's talk about strength in the gym. Lifting muscles and then increasing your muscle strength makes a big difference in your day to day. Think about it. How many times are you lifting, pushing and pulling throughout the day? Increasing your overall muscle strength helps you function better and also makes those everyday tasks feel easier. Not to mention having a strong body allows you to live with better confidence, ability and movement. Lifting groceries, picking up your kids, getting up and down. All of these movements require strength so when you train your body to become stronger, you’re less likely to fall, get injured or need extra help. Being strong also boosts your confidence, increases your level of independence and sets you up for success. Strength training also improves your joints, enhances your quality of life and contributes to each and every other pillar of optimal health. When you’re strong, you're unstoppable. But it’s not just about lifting a little here, and a little there. Again just like anything in life you have to be consistent and dedicated. Dedicate the time and effort it takes to grow those muscles because it won’t happen overnight.  

If you’re new to lifting then start small with one of our coaches. Our coaches will work with you, for you. We will guide you on a plan that’s fit for your fitness needs. And if you’ve been pushing and pulling those weights for awhile now, awesome! You know how important it is to work your muscles so you can reap the benefits. Strength training helps you-

It’s a no brainer.

Pillar 2- Endurance

Let’s talk endurance. Endurance is your body’s ability to go further and push harder. Essentially this comes from your mindset but endurance is definitely something that you can also train your body to improve and is so important when you want to go the extra mile or reach a new goal. 

Life is about setting and achieving goals. Without setting goals, we would be just stagnant- never changing and never growing. But with your health and fitness, that is the complete opposite. In order to keep your body strong and healthy, you have to switch things up and push yourself further. Have you ever hit a fitness plateau? I bet you have, and that’s because your body has gotten used to the same old workout. 

This is where CrossFit comes in. With CrossFit’s interval training your body is never “bored.” You are constantly challenging it and working on increasing your stamina. Endurance activities like CrossFit also help keep your heart, lungs and circulatory system healthy and functioning like a well oiled machine.  Plus endurance and strength go together hand in hand. By increasing both you’ll be able to reduce your risk of injury, increase the amount of work you do each day and keep your body at a healthy weight. 

Pillar 3- Balance

The number one reason many of us want to improve balance is to prevent injury and complete our daily tasks with more ease. So far all of the pillars of optimal health go together and this holds true as well with balance. They mesh well and are all essential components in being your best self. Strength goes with endurance and balance, well it holds each pillar together like glue. Without balance, you won’t be able to lift heavier, go further or achieve your fitness goals. 

Balance however is difficult to master. With balance takes discipline, concentration and patience. Maintaining balance is tricky and requires the cooperation and coordination of your muscles, eyes, ears, brain and tendons. All working together to ensure good health. With balance also comes reduction in pain, reduced risk of injury, improved athletic performance and ease of accessibility. 

But like I said, achieving balance doesn’t always come easily. It’s something that needs to be practiced and taught through consistency. Since you need balance in every movement during your CrossFit workout, the more you show up at the gym, the better you’ll be! With improved balance you’ll also be able to perform the exercises improving all areas of your muscles leading to a stronger and more capable you. Balance works together with coordination and strength so when put into practice help you reach your goals and crush your CrossFit WODs. 

Pillar 4- Flexibility

In order to tackle any exercise you have to be flexible. No I’m not talking about splits, just the ability for your body to move with ease. Did you stretch before and after your last CrossFit WOD? I hope the answer is yes, because with stretching comes flexibility. Flexibility allows you to increase your range of motion giving you the ability to move your body more without pain. It’s also important to improve your flexibility because it may-

Take a look at those benefits. Why would you not focus on flexibility and stretching? The thing with exercise and fitness is that it’s not just one aspect making you stronger and leaner. It’s a combination and the best part about stretching and flexibility is that you can do it anytime, anywhere. 

When you work with your CrossFit coach make sure to pay close attention to the tips and tricks he or she shares. Take those ideas and use them in and out of the gym! Remember, working out and having a healthy lifestyle is a way of life. The skills you gain during your workouts are meant to be used all the time, not just when you step foot in the gym. 

So next time you’re ready to head to the gym, think of these pillars. When they work together- strength, endurance, balance and flexibility your mind and body become in sync with one another. You start to see results faster and reach your goals, even quicker. It may not come easy, but remember you’re only given one shot at this life, so make it count.

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