Fitness and Mental Health- 3 Ways to Beat the Stress and Gain Control of Your Success

Lacing up and hitting the gym has many benefits waiting for you to discover. The trick? Training your mind and body to push further!
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April 6, 2023
Fitness and Mental Health- 3 Ways to Beat the Stress and Gain Control of Your Success

Fitness and Mental Health- 3 Ways to Beat the Stress and Gain Control of Your Success

We all know how important exercise is for your body. Consistent exercise keeps your weight in check, cholesterol low and your heart pumping strong. Lacing up and hitting the gym has many benefits waiting for you to discover. The trick? Training your mind and body to push further, overcome challenges and gain control of your success.

Your body has the ability to push itself far more than expected. Going the extra mile, pushing the extra weight or getting in one more rep may seem difficult, but in reality you have the ability to go further in your workouts and mindset.  Have you ever stopped short of your capabilities and thought “I can’t get one more rep in.” Why is that? The reason, your mind. Your mind controls emotions, actions and decisions you make. But it also has the tendency to psych you out before reaching your goals. It’s much easier to give in than push further. But don’t do it, don’t give in to negativity. You’ll never reach your full potential unless you shift that mindset and start taking control. Negativity comes in many forms and we’ve all experienced it.  Stress, anxiety or self doubt. But the good news? With determination and a positive mindset, you have the ability to conquer negativity and so much more. Take a look at how a go to tool- exercise, can help you conquer life’s challenges with ease.

1. Exercise and Stress

Stress is inevitable. It’s something at least  7 out of every 10  Americans experience on a daily basis. Our lives are so busy. Balancing work and family, meeting deadlines or trying to get ahead. Calendars fill up, kids are involved in every activity under the sun and you’re trying your best to be present all while rocking your day job. Whatever the case, stress takes over and definitely affects your mind and body.

Take a minute and think about how you feel under stress. Most likely you're tense, jittery, nauseous or edgy. Your palms get sweaty and your heart beats just a little bit faster. It’s a powerful emotion and without the right tools to curb it, the effects become harmful. But guess what, something you’re already doing can help reduce stress- exercise. Exercise regulates this pressure and releases feel good hormones into your system which bring negativity down and your mood, up. 

When your body is stressed, your brain releases a flood of stress hormones. Too much of these hormones (cortisol or adrenaline) send your body into panic mode. Hence flight or fight. The problem? Your body also sends signals to your brain that trigger intense feelings leaving you more inclined to experience anxiety, depression and irritability. 

This is where exercise comes in. Exercise is a way to release feel good hormones such as endorphins into your system that block pain cells. When exercising, these hormones release and essentially turn off pain. Exercise also helps your body relieve tension. Once tension leaves your body, you function at your best and regain control.

Plus exercise helps you-

✔️control your mentality

✔️develop coping strategies when under pressure

✔️increase your well being

Consistent programs and strong communities of fitness driven friends also help get you back on track gaining control of your mind, body and ability. Stress should not rule your world. Get back in the driver’s seat and believe you are capable, strong and let nothing get in your way. 

2. Exercise and Anxiety

We all experience levels of anxiety from time to time and, just like stress, anxiety takes a toll on your system. Maybe you find yourself worrying without reason or are sick of the day to day grind. Have you ever felt as if it’s all too much? Of course. Everyone has these feelings. Anxiety can make you more susceptible to getting sick, feeling weak or more irritable. Of course no one wants to experience these feelings so how can we overcome them? The answer- find an outlet.

The emotions and negativity caused by anxiety build up like a soda bottle ready to explode. They need to be released. Your mind and body need a way out. So it's no surprise that exercise is the perfect way to decompress and regain control. Just like stress, when your body experiences anxiety a surge of hormones (remember cortisol and adrenaline) enter into your bloodstream. These hormones are triggered by anxiety. Anxiety interferes with daily tasks and begins to plague your mind. You feel restless, nervous or have difficulty focusing. 

But it’s time to get back in control and you can do that with one little word. Exercise.

Exercise helps refocus your mind and body.  When you get moving and start pumping blood throughout your body those feel good hormones take over and you start feeling stronger, rejuvenated and more balanced. 

Kicking it in the gym not only boosts your self esteem but also keeps your body in check. Consistent exercise classes and programs like the ones offered at CrossFit Threefold can help you get your mind right and your body, stronger. 

3. Exercise and Self Esteem

Aside from the heart pumping, strength building, stamina increasing benefits of exercise let’s be honest- it makes you look good! Don’t you just love the sweat glow you get after an awesome workout? Of course you do and that’s why exercise links to increasing self esteem and building confidence. 

When self-esteem is high, you feel good physically and mentally. In turn having a greater capability of reaching your goals and maintaining success. Double WIN! Staying physical and moving your body at least 30 minutes a day is essential for optimal health, but also your mindset because when you workout hard and gain results, you feel good from the inside out.  

Those with a higher self esteem are also more successful in their careers, family and in accomplishing day to day tasks. When you feel good about yourself, everything falls into place.  

If you haven’t started an exercise routine yet don’t worry, programs and experts like those at CrossFit Threefold are equipped with the knowledge, dedication and enthusiasm to get you going. What better way to boost your self esteem than to start with some personalized coaching. Personalized coaching sets you up for success with customized workout plans, nutritional guidance and a team giving direction and helping you stay accountable. All key components in a positive mindset, and incredible self esteem.  And if you’re already rocking your current workout but need more motivation don’t forget a community of CrossFitters and health enthusiasts just like you provide amazing support systems. Group classes and event promotions are fantastic ways to get involved, crush your goals and stay on track both mentally and physically. 

So whether you’re ready to combat stress, knock anxiety out the door or improve your self esteem exercise is the way to go. It’s never too early or too late to start a routine or program.  Exercise gives you an outlet, a way to refocus and provides you with what it needs most- movement. You were born to move, achieve and do great things. Give your mind and body the tools to function and take control of your success- mind over matter. You got this!

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