Workout Plateau? Not with CrossFit- 4 Reasons You Should Make the Switch Today

Don't let a workout plateau get you down. We've got the answer to help you push past it!
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October 18, 2023
Workout Plateau? Not with CrossFit- 4 Reasons You Should Make the Switch Today

Workout Plateau? Not with CrossFit- 4 Reasons You Should Make the Switch Today

Sometimes we get stuck. Stuck in a rut where we just go through the motions. Unfortunately that’s when we hit a plateau. We don’t make the gains we hoped for and begin feeling stagnant. If that sounds like you then it’s time to kick things up a notch. Progress only comes when we feel challenged, motivated and see results.

Let’s compare that “rut” to driving to work. If you head out the same way each day then most likely you know the turns by heart and can get to your destination with your eyes closed. Well, please don’t do that but you know what we mean.  At first the comfortability of your drive is  fine, but after a while you don’t even pay attention to where you're headed. You just drive because you know the route like the back of your hand. That familiarity is boring and honestly, makes you dread going to work. But what if you didn’t have to dread it? Have you ever tried taking a different route? Mixing things up even when getting from point A to point B can help you take on a whole new perspective. 

This is just like working out. If you keep the same exact workout everyday, run here, lift there, your body experiences boredom, and in turn you don’t see your desired results. You become set in your ways and fall into an unmotivated routine. That’s where things start to unravel. When you become too comfortable or familiar with your workout, your body doesn’t change. Your body adapts to what you’re doing and doesn’t make any gains. Enter excuses,  lack of motivation and frustration. All things we try to avoid when working out. Just like your mind, you have to train your body in a variety of ways. In order to see progress, increase muscle mass, achieve a leaner body composition or reach your full ability you have to challenge it and change things up.

So if you find yourself hitting a workout plateau, hit pause on your routine and reanalyze. 

What can you do to amp things up, reach your results faster and see amazing gains? 


The answer is simple and it’s right in your backyard. Check out how CrossFit, specifically CrossFit Threefold can help you blast through that workout plateau! You’ll never feel bored, too comfortable or frustrated with lack of results. Bottoming out? Nope, not with us, we’ve got variety, motivation and challenge covered.

1. WODs 

Exercise variation is an important piece to the workout puzzle. Constantly challenging your body and building endurance is essential for fitness success. It prevents you from bottoming out and leveling off results. 

If you’re like any of us fitness fanatics, you workout for many reasons. But one is definitely to get stronger and leaner. However, keeping the same sets and exercises will never get you where you want to be. 

Why would you complete the same exercise set, day after day? You certainly won’t respond the way you want and  eventually you’ll get bored and your motivation, well it’ll slowly go down hill.

Instead, focus on mixing things up. Mix up your moves, sets, reps and routine. And what better way to do that than with CrossFit Threefold’s WOD. WODs give you something to strive for, achieve and feel proud completing. They’te constantly changing and include a variety of functional movements completed at high intensity intervals. Your body torches calories, gains strength and brings you closer to your best self. WODs are also a great way to blast past a workout plateau. Why? Because your body is working on something new, challenging and quite frankly exciting. It feels incredible to complete something you never thought possible- and that’s what a WOD lends itself to, accomplishing a previously thought “impossible.” Think outside the box.

2. HIIT- High Intensity Interval Training

HIIT workouts, or high intensity interval training workouts really amp up results. They challenge your body and take working out to another level. This type of interval training has several rounds (sets) of a particular exercise in a high intense format, followed by short rest periods.  During a HIIT workout your heart rate increases to about 80% it’s normal resting rate, then recovers for a short period of time before doing it all over again. But aren’t we talking about CrossFit here? Yes, of course and CrossFit is a form of HIIT. 

During a CrossFIt workout, you push yourself out of your comfort zone therefore increasing calorie burn, building muscle and boosting metabolism. CrossFit HIIT style workouts are great if you’ve hit a workout plateau. Just like any HIIT workout, CrossFit uses short bursts of a movement, followed by short rest periods. Then you rev it up again with the next move. 

Incorporating short bursts of high intensity movement during CrossFit, increases those feel good endorphins making you want more! It’s a way to get motivated and start seeing results, faster. 

3. Consistently Show Up

One main reason many find themselves hitting a workout plateau is because they inconsistently train their bodies. Maybe work gets in the way, or schedules become too busy. Regardless, it’s time to stop those excuses because that’s when results come to a halt. 

When you consistently show up, and make a commitment to yourself results inevitably follow. And not just any results, amazing ones! Training with expert coaches like the ones at CrossFit Threefold almost guarantees you’ll never hit a workout plateau. Why? Because the coaches at Threefold are here for you. They’ll work with you during Personal Coaching sessions and design a plan that keeps you coming back for more. Consistency is key. 

Not to worry, we won’t have to push you that far. You’ll soon discover how amazing it is to be part of a team of fitness friends that not only motivate one another, but challenge each other too. Whether it’s a new nutritional challenge, an upcoming event or simply joining a WOD, you’ll feel empowered to push yourself to the next level.  Workout plateau? Not here! 

4. Rest and Recover

We get it. Working out isn’t easy. The good news is, when you join a team like the one at CrossFit Threefold, you’ll soon discover the importance of creating and adopting a healthy life style carries you through all aspects of life. It’s an opportunity to gain confidence, strength, health and of course the knowledge on how to be your best self.

Part of being your best self is also knowing when to rest and recover. Oftentimes people overtrain and don’t allow themselves enough recovery time. Recovery time is essential for allowing muscles to rebuild and recover after a tough workout and is part of the workout process. But fitness doesn’t just happen, and neither do results. Results take time and are built layer, upon layer- starting with you as the backbone. You have to know how to fuel, when to work and when to rest.

Sleep is also essential and unfortunately one of the first things we let go of in our crazy schedules. But again adequate sleep, recovery fueled by optimal nutrition and the motivation to keep coming back for more are all keys to your success!

Bottom line, regardless where you are on your fitness journey, take it up a notch. Your body was meant to move, progress and be powerful. And if you’ve hit a plateau don’t get discouraged just arm yourself with the tools needed to move forward. Mix up that routine, push yourself further, commit to your health and don’t forget— rest and recover your way to a better you!

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