Score Results Faster- 4 Benefits of Working with a Nutritional Coach

Take the guesswork out of nutrition and fitness. Here's why teaming up with a coach gets you results faster!
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January 11, 2024
Score Results Faster- 4 Benefits of Working with a Nutritional Coach

Score Results Faster- 4 Benefits of Working with a Nutritional Coach

The new year’s here and one thing’s for sure. We all want to be healthier, happier and the best version of ourselves. Whether that means losing a little weight, hitting the gym more, or picking up a new healthy habit, getting fitter and healthier is on all our minds.

Actually it’s pretty much like clockwork. The holidays come, you indulge then vouch to get back on track or better yet never fall off again. And that’s fantastic! You’re looking for a change or refinement to your current lifestyle.  But how exactly can you adopt healthy habits that stick year after year, season after season? The answer is simple. You focus, commit and find support that’ll never let you down. 

That’s where CrossFit Threefold comes into play. Eating right, sleeping well, exercising and managing stress. Keys to success and what a coach fosters. No more feeling overwhelmed or confused. Teaming up with a coach provides support that sticks. We guarantee after this article you’ll wonder why you didn’t start with us sooner.

1. Resources That Change Your Body and Mindset

Deciding to change your health and fitness is an amazing step in the right direction.You know how important health is so why is it so hard to make the leap? It’s because there’s a lot of information out there and change is hard. It’s tough to know how to get started or what “plan” to follow. Everyone seems to have an opinion on the best way to lose weight or get your body on track. So, how do you know what to follow or who to believe?

The answer is easier than you think. CrossFit Threefold. At CrossFit Threefold we focus on sustainability and realistic goals. No fab diets or unreachable goals. We focus on your unique needs and use dietitian and science backed resources to create the best plan for your body. Nutrition, fitness, and health- all those factors don't have to be complicated. It just takes some guidance and support to stay on track. And many have done it already! They’ve found an expert, a coach, someone in their corner giving them exactly what they need to succeed. Resources.

Recipes, workout tips, online trackers, those are just a few examples of resources you’ll have at your fingertips. Coaches like the ones at CrossFit Threefold are trained to provide you with a better understanding of nutrition and how important proper nutrition is for a long lasting healthy lifestyle. You’ll view food in a new way and learn how to mindfully eat so your body is fueled right! Results- you bet! You’ll become stronger, happier and more confident knowing you’re doing your body right. A nutrition coach also provides:

The list of resources goes on and on. But don’t just take our word for it, go for it. Join CrossFit Threefold and find out how a  nutritional coach can help you take fitness to a whole new level.

2. Knowledge

One of the best parts of working with a nutritional coach is gaining knowledge. Your coach will teach you the ins and outs of proper nutrition and how to exercise for the best results. Nutrition is essential if you want to make a healthy change. Since food provides us with nutrients we have to understand how to eat for optimal health. Nutrients provide-

We’ve said it before, and truly believe that nutrition doesn’t have to be complicated. It just has to be understood. When given the right tools you’ll be able to create meal plans, gain confidence in the kitchen, lose weight and body fat and provide your body with what it needs to be stronger, healthier and happier! You’ll always get the biggest bang for your buck when working with a coach because your plan is customized for you and backed by dietitians. Coaches are knowledgeable, dedicated and passionate about what we do! Knowledge, success and a lifestyle that’ll keep you in tip top shape.

3. Support

Ever try a new hobby, sport or fitness routine by yourself? Chances are you have and maybe started out really strong. Then after a while you lose your motivation or drive. That’s because doing something alone like making a change to your health is hard. It’s far too easy to give up on something if you don’t have someone right there cheering you on or encouraging you in the right direction. 

The same goes for nutrition. Nutrition is one area many of us give up on. We all know eating clean, nutrient dense, healthy foods are what’s best. But throw a hectic lifestyle in the mix, and you’ll most likely turn to grabbing a “quick bite” or forgetting to plan your meals. And the result? You derail from your goals and spiral into an unhealthy lifestyle.

But that’s where CrossFit’s coaches come to the rescue. Choosing a nutritional coach also means you sign up for a partner. Someone who’ll always be there for you and propelling you forward. Teaming up with someone is a proven way to develop a positive mindset and believe in your full ability! It’s way too hard to take on a challenge alone. Don’t let it become frustrating or defeating. Instead turn towards someone who cares, and who’ll always have your back.

Your coach’s number one goal is to support you. Through shared recipes, meal planning tips, and exercise guidance you’ll stay accountable. Your coach will always be there for you. No more guesswork, no more excuses. You’ll have access to online support, track your results and even tweak things along the way so you continue to see results. And that means you’ll never hit a plateau. Sometimes you just need someone to talk to. Someone that’ll listen to your struggles, reward you for your strengths and keep pushing you forward on your fitness journey. That’s a CrossFit Threefold coach.

4. Fostering a Lifestyle that Sticks

When thinking about the main reason you’ve started a challenge or made a promise to be healthier, what comes to mind? Most likely it’s change. But more importantly change that’ll stick. Partnering with a nutritional coach helps you build an overall better lifestyle. Not a short-term habit, one you’ll keep for the long hull. 

Drastic changes, restricting yourself- those never work. Instead focusing on realistic and gradual changes will help you reach your goals faster and more efficiently. And a coach understands that. They get that change doesn’t happen overnight. It’s way too hard and unrealistic. So instead of jumping in both feet, a coach helps you make small changes one step at a time, leading to long term success. A little guidance goes a long way. It’s all about moderation and sustainability. 

You know you want to take control of your health so what's next? Sign up with a coach, that's what. It’s time to go for it. Make the choice to create a lifestyle that’ll keep you healthy, strong and happy for years to come.Commit to a better you and partner with someone who cares and will show you with the tools for success.

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