Propelling Yourself Forward- Take on a Challenge to Reach Your Goals Faster

Propel yourself forward. Take on a challenge or sign up for an event and reap the benefits. Goodbye excuses, hello a better you!
CrossFit Threefold
November 29, 2023
Propelling Yourself Forward- Take on a Challenge to Reach Your Goals Faster

Propelling Yourself Forward- Take on a Challenge to Reach Your Goals Faster

Let’s play a game of truth or dare. Truth- Have you ever wanted more out of your workouts but are unsure how to kick it up a notch? If you’re being honest, and do yourself a favor- be honest, then the answer is probably yes. It’s easy to fall short when it comes to your goals especially if you’re going at it alone and no one is there to push you. You might also find yourself doing the same mundane routine day in and day out. Boring. Not only do these things affect your motivation but they also decrease the type of results you want to achieve. Hitting “repeat” will get you nowhere. In order to become your best self, you need to go further. You need to take your mind and body places you never thought possible. You need to push. Ok now for the dare. We dare you to sign up for the next big event or challenge at CrossFit Threefold.

Why you might ask? Because setting goals, striving to make a change then actually committing to that decision, switches your intrinsic motivation on and forces your mind and body to go further. This is why signing up for a new gym challenge or event is motivating! It motivates you to hit the mat harder, train your body and achieve greatness. Whether it be a nutritional challenge, WOD or a challenge you and a coach establish, working out for a purpose and plan is a POWERFUL combination. 

So now that the holidays are in full swing, and the new year is right around the corner, make a commitment to a “new” you. Forget your excuses and sign up for an event that will help you sleigh your goals faster.

1. PR? Absolutely- Kick Workout Excuses Out the door

Simply signing up for an event is motivating enough to create a stronger, leaner body and healthier lifestyle. Let’s take a 5K for example. If you’ve ever signed up for a race you know you can’t just show up the day of expecting to hit a PR. You have to work at it. And what does that mean? It means making a plan, creating a training schedule and then sticking to it. It’s not always an easy road, but isn’t that half the fun? 

Setting goals is one thing but actually creating a schedule is another. Mapping out your workout schedule then sticking to it helps you take an incredible step in the right direction. Slowly but surely your body gets stronger, your stamina increases and your strength- well that’s a no brainer. You become the best version of yourself, now that’s inspiring! Crossing off your workouts each day, getting one step closer to your event and seeing progress is empowering. It’s an untouchable feeling. You’re doing something for your health and creating a positive mindset along the way.

That’s why signing up for a local event, taking on a gym challenge or working closely with a coach to achieve your goals is so important. You stay motivated and on the fast track to optimal health. Not to mention you’ll never make excuses to skip a session because goals and challenges keep you accountable. 

2. Improve Nutrition for Optimal Success

Nutrition and working out go hand in hand. Without optimal nutrition you’ll never achieve the results you’re after. Nutrition is fuel, and when fueled right, your body becomes a powerhouse. 

Just like a fitness challenge, nutritional challenges are the same. They go hand-in-hand. Good nutrition means you’re capable of more than you can imagine. Challenge yourself nutritionally by throwing out processed and unhealthy foods and switching over to clean eating, lean protein and whole grains. Eating this way leaves you feeling refreshed, energized and helps recharge your system. 

And speaking of recharging, this time of year is so hectic so why not amp up your nutrition and regain what you need to stay on your “A” game. Energy levels are greatly impacted by what you put in your body, so fueling it the right way is extremely important. Any food with high nutritional content boosts your stamina and helps you exercise better. Staying away from sugary foods and breaking the habit of mindless munching, sets you up for success. Other benefits of clean eating for working out include-

Nutrition is also the one area many struggled to understand. How many calories should I be consuming? What foods will give me the most energy? Questions like those are easily answered with the experts at CrossFit Threefold. And when paired with a nutritional challenge and customized workout plan, you’ll soon forget about why you may have struggled in the past. Learning these tools encourages, educates and emphasizes the importance of your health and lifestyle. 

3. Improve Your Self Esteem

Yes, this one’s a biggie and a huge reason why many sign up for fitness events and challenges. If you take a minute to think about why you workout, improving self esteem is definitely up there. Working out for a purpose, increasing your energy and improving stamina along with having a goal should be motivation enough to achieve greatness. And that’s exactly what will happen when you challenge yourself physically and mentally with an event.

Don’t forget about the camaraderie and support you’ll also get. Other fitness fanatics on board will push you further and encourage you to give it your all. The only person in charge of success is you, so get inspired and get ready to feel the utmost satisfaction completing your challenge or crossing that finish line gives you.

4. Support Others and a Cause

Many events that CrossFit Threefold holds, including the ever popular “Murph” support causes and individuals that have given their all for their community and country. Enough said right? When you sign up for events that directly support others, you’re that much more motivated to stick with a plan and work hard to accomplish your goals. 

Personally, knowing that someone else or a particular organization is relying on you to show up, helps keep me on track. It’s all about committing. Committing to doing your best and then in turn giving back to others is reason enough to take on the challenge. Pay it forward. 

5. Find a Friend

There’s nothing more satisfying than crossing a finish line or mastering your skill set. But throw friends in the mix and the experience is that much more exciting. Anytime you lace up, hit the gym or power through your workout with a buddy next to you, the gains are ten fold. That’s because friends motivate, cheer each other on and encourage you never to give up. 

The same goes when joining an event or challenge. Having a friend by your side (or making a new one!) makes it more fun! You create memories, push each other further and look forward to something together that will last. 

So, what are you doing this winter? Are you heading to CrossFit Threefold in hopes of joining a new challenge, workout or event? Hopefully the answer to that is YES. Give yourself something to work towards, commit to and achieve. Then reap the benefits of you being amazing! Never say never, and never give up. Your best self is only a challenge away.

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