Summer Slide- No Way: Tips to Prepare Your Athlete for Fall

Summer is coming. Don't let your athlete fall into the summer slide!
CrossFit Threefold
June 8, 2024
Summer Slide- No Way: Tips to Prepare Your Athlete for Fall

Finally! Summer is almost here. It’s time to kick back, relax and enjoy the sunshine. Oh how we’ve missed that sun. Goodbye long winter days, and rainy spring months! Daily doses of vitamin D are the best. But put the breaks on for a minute. Have you heard of the summer slide? And no, we’re not talking about water slides. The summer slide is a term coined by educators referring to the achievement gains kids lose over the summer. This happens from disengagement from learning, reading or being inactive. When summer time draws near, teachers make it a priority to help parents and kids stay on track. Tips, tricks and camp suggestions that keep kids engaged are just a few ways to prevent the summer slide. And although It may not seem like a big deal to take “off” during the summer, it’s never a good idea. There’s too much to lose. 

The summer slide is more frequently associated with education, but it also relates to health and fitness.School’s about to end so kids will have more time on their hands. And since you’ll still be working, they’re either going to be bugging you or sucked back into video games. Neither of which does them any good. Kids, tween, teens and anyone in between thrive on consistency and routine. It keeps them focused, motivated and successful. So what can you do? You can arm yourself with some awesome tips and ways to excel them all summer long!

Focus on Balanced Fun

The key to your child’s success both educationally and physically is finding a balance. Listening to your body or teaching your child how to listen to theirs is an important part of total well being.  If you push your child too much, chances are they’ll burn out. And if you don’t push them enough, they’ll never achieve their desired gains. Much like your fitness routine in order to stick with it, it has to be fun and balanced. When fitness is fun, staying consistent and motivated is that much easier. The same holds true for kids. Over the summer give them something to look forward to, something fun and activities that’ll keep them energized, motivated and connected both socially and physically.  

So what’s the best option? Simple. CrossFit Threefold. Signing your child up for a summer camp and giving them the chance to build their skills, increase their confidence and develop mental toughness all while meeting new friends is fantastic! It’s a way to stay engaged physically and socially now that school’s out. Give them a chance to stick with a routine and have fun! Camps are held Monday through Friday in the afternoon and are the perfect way for your child to stay in shape and prepare themselves for fall. Just a few consistent hours a day provides the opportunity for fun, routine and structure- all of which contribute to happiness and success. 

What can you expect?

Camps also keep kids social all summer long. Socialization is a big part of growing up. Not to mention learning the importance of teamwork and camaraderie is a life skill that’ll take them far in life. Youth programs and camps provide the opportunity for kids to grow physically, mentally and emotionally. Participating helps them develop a positive mindset, another key in being a successful athlete and problem solver. Having a positive mindset makes even the highest goal attainable because you believe in yourself and have the confidence to reach for the stars. Training an athlete is more than just lifting weights or hitting PR goals. It’s about strengthening from the inside out. Exactly what CrossFit’s 3F Fit Camp and other programs like ACES are all about.

Goals are set, plans laid out then you stop at nothing until you see results. That’s what camps and programs can do for your child. With workouts like ones CrossFit Threefold offers, your athlete will be given amazing opportunities to find a balance between fun, fitness and living their best life. 

Grab and Go Nutrition

Ok so you’ve got to work and your kid’s at home. Hunger and meal times are inevitable.  No problem, you got this. As parents we carry a ton of responsibility, especially having nutritious and easy options on hand to keep hunger at bay. And one thing’s for sure, in order to fuel your child right, they need healthy, filling and nutritious choices. 

But does your tween or teen really understand the benefit of a balanced diet? It’s important to have that conversation and include them in their food choices. They need to value and understand how food fuels and helps them function. 

So where to start. That one’s easy too. Plan, prep and then grab and go. You want to make sure your child is fueled up and ready to go each day. Try to keep healthy choices on hand like-

With these options ready to grab and go, you’ll never worry that your child isn’t getting enough fuel for their day. They’ll be energized from sun up to sun down. Just how you like them- active, engaged and ready for a good night’s sleep. Nutrition is something CrossFit gyms pride themselves on because we understand how important it is to give your body all it needs to be its best. Snacks with empty calories, processed ingredients and refined sugars do nothing for the body. It takes clean, healthy and wholesome snacks, meals and  recipes to perform your best. 

Keep a Routine

We’ve said this before but routine is incredibly important for growing kids. It helps them know what’s expected and keeps them focused on a goal so they aren’t aimlessly wandering about. Routines are established in school, so why not establish them over the summer too? Then summertime flows like an ocean wave. Keep your child responsible and accountable all summer long by signing them up for camps and workouts that'll foster their growth, skills and confidence. Seems like a no brainer right? 

And don’t forget to get your kids involved in the planning. An easy way to do that is to have a calendar displayed with all their activities for the week. This way  they can wake up, check things out and get ready for their day. Planning out a week with a calendar or agenda also teaches time management. Another life skill that’ll set them up for success come fall because they can balance their time and know exactly what they’re responsible for doing. Routines also have great benefits like keeping the mind and body in shape, easing the transition of going back to school, alleviating boredom, and adapting to challenges.

Soak it Up

No matter what fall will bring for your child, set them up for success now. Attending camps, developing their skills, increasing their confidence and being with friends. These are all guaranteed ideas to keep everyone active, routined and healthy. Before you know it fall will be knocking down our door but with a little bit of planning and a whole lot of fun in the process, your child will be ready! Bring on the summer sun! 

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