Pump Up the Volume with the Right Tunes- 3 Reasons Why Music Motivates!

Need a little workout motivation? Look no further than your earbuds and killer playlist!
CrossFit Threefold
June 8, 2024
 Pump Up the Volume with the Right Tunes- 3 Reasons Why Music Motivates!

The week drags on, you hit the snooze one more time and then finally gather the energy or motivation to get out of bed. We’ve all been there and done that. You know how it goes, the same routine, feeling tired and searching high and low for motivation. Sometimes you need more. You need something to boost your mood, help you push through and ignite the inner fire and drive to be your best. What exactly are we talking about? It’s one of the easiest ways to rev things up and kick your rear in gear. It’s music. Turning on your favorite tunes doesn’t just get you going, it signals your brain to say yes, I can do it! And no matter what “it” is, music is a sure fire way to gain control of your routine, day and most importantly workouts. If you’re thinking of pushing your WODs or gym session off until tomorrow, hold up for just one minute. There’s a better solution and one you’ll turn to again and again. Instead of derailing your workout plans, hit play and pump up the volume. That’s right. Pop on your earbuds, find your favorite playlist and turn things up a notch. Music moves the soul and is a powerful tool that motivates, sets fire to your inner strength and boosts your mood. Plain and simple. 

There’s so much technology out there, and with the ability to tote music around no matter where you go, using it to “up” your game is essential! Just being around music invigorates you and helps you reach your goals faster. The energy, excitement and atmosphere of a good tune can either make or break a workout. And chances are, every gym you’ve stepped foot into has a killer playlist. Upbeat music radiating from the walls keeps clients moving and grooving until class or their sets are done. Music motivates. Let’s check out three reasons why.

Mood Booster

If you’re anything like us, a good tune can knock you right out of a bad mood. There’s just something about music that makes you feel good, puts a smile on your face and feel like you’re ready for anything. Especially a good workout! No matter what mood you might be in, music has been proven to boost your feel good endorphin. You know, the ones responsible for your emotions. Certain songs, beat patterns and rhythms trigger blood flow to your brain sending signals to uplift, recharge and help you reset! 

Music also affects your behavior. The right playlist can put you in a more positive state of mind. Leading to-

All of which are essential, especially if you’re setting goals and working towards personal bests. Listening to music has also been linked to decreased levels of anxiety, stress and worry. Being able to get “lost” so to speak in a song gives your body a chance to decompress from the stressors that might be affecting it on a daily basis. And we all know stress and anxiety are the leading causes of many negative health issues so the more we can destress, the better. Being in the right frame of mind, balanced and in control with a sound mindset will not only lead to success, but also personal achievement and satisfaction. 

Hit Your Workout Goals

Have you ever tried working out without music? It’s pretty boring. Not only does music lift you up mentally but it also pushes you physically. The right beat sets your cadence for running, motivates you to lift harder and gives you an extra edge to nail your personal best. Not to mention the fact that when the beat of certain tracks escalates, so does your inner drive! Your chance of fatigue decreases, your can-do mentality sky rockets and you’re less likely distracted by what’s going on around you. Research has also shown that listening to music during workouts increases your overall performance by 15%.  Even though that might not seem like a lot, when push comes to shove an increase, is an increase and enough to plow through tiredness or exhaustion.

All things considered if you’re working out hard it’s easy to become distracted by your body’s cues of fatigue. However, if you’ve got the right music playing, you’re more likely to focus on your run, time, rep or set. Your body has the ability to push further than your mind sometimes. It’s that mental game we play everytime we hit the treadmill or gym. You know the one where you ask yourself, can I go any further? The answer is yes! Yes, you can! And music helps. 

The right playlist is also a great way to hit your reps and reach your workout goals faster. Why? Because the speed and tempo of your songs propels you forward. Another aspect of a great playlist is that it increases endurance. Endurance plays such an important role in your overall well-being and fitness success. Strong endurance means you’re able to run further without tiring so easily, and lift heavier without such strained efforts. Better endurance also means your lungs, heart and circulatory system are in tip-top shape. And music can get you there. It can help you finish your workouts strong, go the extra mile and lift those heavier weights. Never letting down, never giving up! There’s a reason songs go in and out of acceleration. It’s to motivate!

Visualize Success

Working out is more than just hitting the gym. It’s about doing what you know is right for your mind and body. Exercise has so many amazing benefits. The rewards include better sleep, improved productivity, longevity, healthy weight and reduced risk of chronic conditions. But it all starts somewhere, and that somewhere is in your mind. The most successful athletes are the ones that prioritize their health and visualize success. Major league ball players, marathon runners and competitive lifters all have one thing in common- they visualize their goals and everything it takes to get there. But success doesn’t come easily. It comes with hard work, determination and drive. Kind of sounds like you right?

And it also sounds like CrossFit Threefold. Hard work, determination and drive are what defines CrossFit and from the moment you step foot in our gym, you just feel the energy. And that’s not only because we’ve got motivating coaches, supportive members or great equipment. It’s because of the atmosphere. The atmosphere of a fitness facility sets the tone for the entire workout not to mention the progress and commitment its clients make. Music is a big factor at Threefold. We know how important it is to stay focused and pumped during a workout. We also know that music provides an amazing edge to get you where you want to be- healthier, stronger, leaner and happier.

So no matter if you’re tracking miles on a treadmill, training for a race, pushing your limits to beat a PR or getting ready for a competition pump up the volume on your tracks. Music really does keep your body moving, blood flowing and energy soaring. Put your earbuds in, turn the volume up loud and get in your zone!

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