Nutrition and Travel- 3 Reasons Why You Can Stay Healthy and Fit On the Go!

Just because you're on vacation doesn't mean your fitness and nutrition plan fly out the door. Read on to find out how to stay on track!
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June 1, 2023
Nutrition and Travel- 3 Reasons Why You Can Stay Healthy and Fit On the Go!

Nutrition and Travel- 3 Reasons Why You Can Stay Healthy and Fit On the Go!

Summer is a time to let loose, stay up a little later and perhaps indulge a little more. I mean, who doesn't love heading out to a barbeque or picnic? There are so many temptations when summer rolls around. Just the thought of the warm summer sun is enough to make you let down your hair, grab a beach bag and hit the beach, pool or whatever you’ve got in store! Summer is also a time to get together with friends, enjoy the warm sun, cool evenings and enjoy some relaxation. The problem? Sometimes we get carried away, or let loose a little too much. Then it happens. Vacation is over, and reality sets in. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Vacation, the picnic or whatever you do doesn’t have to turn into regret once you’re home. 

Quite frankly, it’s way too hard to undo not so good choices. Just stick with the good ones. When your routine is off, the kids are around more and you’re just enjoying those good old long summer days temptation is easy to give into. Staying healthy should be a lifestyle not just a trend. When you’re consistently making good decisions and following a solid workout routine, healthy choices are second nature. There shouldn’t be a reason to worry about falling off track. 

But just in case you need a little more reassurance, here are a few simple tips and tricks that will have you saying hello to vacation. No guilt or worry about falling off track or having to restart your workout goals. Ready to learn more? Great, keep reading! Time to make your plans a reality. 

Staying Fit on the Road

Let’s say you and your family are about to hit the road for a fun-filled vacation. Are you worried about fueling up and staying healthy while putting in those long road trip hours? Or are you thinking about how to workout without the equipment and coach you’re used to? No sweat! There are so many ways to stay on track and fit on the road, actually it’s easier than you think. And it all starts with some prepping and planning. Hey, aren’t you doing that already? 

If you’re used to meal planning or have recently experienced some amazing nutritional guidance, then you know how important it is to fuel your body with the right nutrients. Quality, clean eating foods help you function at your best giving you more energy, endurance and enjoyment for what life has to offer. Meal planning is a tried and true method to staying on track and making sure you fuel up with the right “stuff” to keep your body going strong. And that doesn’t have to change just because you’re on vacation or on the road. 

Decide now that you’re going to think ahead, plan and then reap the benefits of an organized and fine tuned meal plan. Meal planning can help your family stay healthy, energized and ready for whatever adventure you have in store. Plus packing your own snacks and meals has plenty of benefits like-

Actually when you’re road tripping the best thing you can do for you and your family is pack healthy, protein packed snacks that will keep your stomach full and energy levels high. Think protein balls, trail mix, or check out the digit food log your CrossFit coach has given you to keep recipes and snack ideas at your fingertips! Make sure you also pack lots of water while traveling, even though you may not feel like it, traveling can absolutely make you dehydrated. Drinking plenty of water during your trip will help everyone sustain energy levels. 

Don’t forget about pit stops. Take advantage of those quick stop overs as a sure fire way to clock your steps or squeeze in a few box jumps on a picnic table! There’s always a place and way to rev it up and get in a workout.  

Staying Fit Away from Home- Exercise

Ok you’re definitely used to your gym schedule but just because you're away from home doesn’t mean your routine flies out the window. Actually, it should be the complete opposite. Not only will you feel better about yourself by sticking with your workout routine, but you’ll be able to keep up with your kids, activities, excursions and feel rejuvenated! Working out and making healthy choices at restaurants (or if you’re cooking in, think Airbnb) will help you enjoy travels even more! You won’t feel guilty about indulging a bit if you take care of yourself first, and trust me it’s ok to indulge in moderation. You only live once! Put yourself (and your workout buddy) first and you’ll relax more, and be able to soak in the experience. 

Half the fun of traveling is also diving into the experience of a new place. And what better way to stay healthy than to explore your destination by foot or jump into local activities full speed ahead. Staying active with water sports, tennis, volleyball, swimming or bringing your own gear to the beach and moving your body will guarantee not only a good time, but also great rewards for your fitness. 

If you’re traveling to a destination with more of a mountain range then hiking should be your go to for movement. Don’t forget you worked hard all year long for your amazing, lean muscle mass and you don’t want to lose it. Make things simple but effective. By taking your CrossFit workout with you, you can do-

Accessible and powerful!

Those are just a few WOD exercises you can take with you on the road. Get yourself out there, don’t be afraid to squeeze a workout in a little bit here, a little bit there. Bottom line: make your workout WORK for you and your travel plans. Also don’t forget many and most hotels now have high quality gyms- take advantage of them! Visit those gyms early (avoiding the crowds) bring a workout plan and get moving! 

Short on time? No worry there, just use the HIIT exercises your CrossFit coach has taught and trained you in to get your heartrate up and sweat flowing. Even though your workouts might look different as long as you’re moving and challenging yourself you’ll continue to make gains and keep your best self on track!

Staying Fit on Vacation- Nutrition

This one can be tricky but with the right tools and knowledge you don’t have to compromise good nutrition to have a good time. Food is fuel, and in order to function on a daily basis, you’ve got to make sure you’re giving your body what it needs both inside and out. All you have to do is know the right way to indulge and make sure to stay on track without adding to your waistline.

You’ve worked so hard for the results you have- lean, strong muscles and a healthy body! There’s no reason you have to let yourself slip up just because you’re on vacation. Remember the healthy relationship you’ve created with food? Yes, me too! Don’t forget that you’re in control of your body and what you put into it. Get yourself moving, take your WODs with you and choose the right food that will keep you going. Vacation is a time to enjoy life with those you love. Keep things simple and remember these tips. Bye bye spring, summer is here and so are you- ready and willing to take on anything!

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