Summer Vacations and Staying Active- Top Health Tips for Your Trip

Going on vacation doesn't mean you're health and fitness plan has to take a break too. Check out some helpful tips on how to keep it up!
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June 20, 2024
Summer Vacations and Staying Active- Top Health Tips for Your Trip

Ah vacation. You wait all year long to sit back, relax and reward yourself for all the amazing (and hard) things you do year round! Taking a vacation is not just about getting away, it’s about destressing, and soaking up the good life- whatever that may be! Some hit the beach, others are mountain and adventure seekers. Regardless, the world is your oyster, and it’s a vast canvas just waiting to be experienced, enjoyed and appreciated. But for some, taking a vacation is also a time where the question “Will I fall off my health and fitness track?” comes to mind. And like most questions we answer at CrossFit Threefold, this ones simple too. It’s all about balance and staying committed. During your weekend, happy hour, barbeque or vacation we’ll say it again and again. The main thing to keep in mind are your goals, health and overall why for working out and being your best. If you stay focused and truly immerse yourself in a healthy lifestyle, even vacation here and there won’t derail you. Let’s check out some top tips for keeping in shape, and coming back from your vacation healthier, happier and ready for more!

Plan It Out

One thing’s for sure, yes you’re on vacation but that doesn’t mean it’s a free pass to wing it day in and day out. Sure, you want to relax and let go of your agenda but remember you also thrive on structure and routine. And no, we’re not talking about your work routine here, we’re talking about the routine that keeps you focused and productive. Of course you should let yourself sleep in a bit and take it easy when you’re breaking from “reality” so to speak, but keep in mind that you’ll be much happier giving your mind and body what it always needs- exercise, and good nutrition.

If you’re planning a beach vacation, carve out some time either in the morning (watching the sunrise from the beach is spectacular) or early evening (when the sun is starting to set) to get your workout in. The best part of vacation is experiencing new environments, so take advantage of that! How? Simple. Bring your workout outside. It’s so easy to grab your mat, kettlebells or lace up your sneakers and go for a run. Covering miles in new territory is invigorating and motivating. You never know what you’re going to see, or what new trail you’ll find.  All you have to do is go after it! Make this the perfect opportunity to talk to the locals. See what type of meetup groups, classes or events are going on and join them! You might even meet a few new friends, learn something about the area or set a new goal to reach once you’re back home. That’s what traveling is all about. It’s about experiencing all the world has to offer, especially from a health and fitness standpoint. 

So do yourself a favor. Upon checking into your vacation home, airbnb or condo unit chat with the owner, grab an information sheet or do a little research before leaving home. This way you’ll be able to find the best of the best in your chosen vacation spot, and have some amazing things to look forward to. Planning always pays off!

Keep Your Health in Check

You know there’s more to a healthy body than just movement. You know it takes exercise and nutrition to really nail your goals. So, let your vacation time be a chance not only to discover new foods but also bring back some amazing meal and recipe ideas that’ll keep you energized and on the fast track to fitness. 

Although it’s so easy to get sucked into the tourist trap of fried and greasy foods, you won’t be doing your body any favors by indulging all the time. Of course you’re allowed a cheat day here and there, but always keep your goals in the back of your mind. Instead of consuming day after day of pizza, beer, wings or that all too familiar boardwalk funnel cake or fries, make it your mission to eat seasonally and fresh! Fresh fruits and vegetables are at their peak during the summer and are so incredibly delicious. Depending on where you’re vacationing there might be a local farmers market, new smoothie shop, or fruit stand in your area, so ask around and go check them out! Just like at home, eating seasonally has its benefits and just because you’re on vacation, that doesn’t mean you should forgo all the good stuff you know.  When in a new place try to eat locally and buy what’s freshest for the best fuel to keep you energized and active. Benefits of seasonal eating include-

Family Time is the Best Time

Families that play together, workout together and explore together are always the happiest! Make your vacation a time to reconnect with your family and stay active as a unit. The daily grind for everyone is tough so why not commit to some quality family time being active while on your vacation? 

If you’re at the beach, go for long beach walks together collecting seashells. Other activities you can incorporate into your day are bike rides, playing ball on the beach, or hiking together. Water sports, land sports and everything in between provide exercise and cross-training opportunities for the whole gang. The more you stay active, the better you’ll feel and keep on track for your health and fitness goals.

One huge benefit of CrossFit is that you can take your workouts, especially WODs anywhere. You can box jump, squat, pull up and push up your way around the country if you wanted to- and so can your entire family. CrossFit is such a versatile way of working out, and as you already know (or will find out) anyone can do it no matter level or age! So make it a point to find a park, bench, open area, beach or trail to work in some of the amazing exercises your CrossFit coach has or will teach you for optimal fitness. 

Keep it Together

Bottom line is, your health should always come first, no matter where you are or what you do. Without good health you can’t enjoy a vacation, excursion or experience all this world has to offer. Having a solid understanding of what your body needs, staying focused on your goals and living a healthy, sustainable lifestyle are keys for anytime success. Remember vacation is about enjoyment. Enjoying your family, new experiences and your happy place. So yes, indulge, de stress but don’t forget the importance of prioritizing your health. Because staying active also means staying healthy and happy.

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