Intimidated by the Gym? Not to Worry, CrossFit is a Gym Where Community Counts

A gym doesn't have to feel intimidating. Find out how to overcome gym intimidation and how CrossFit can help you every step of the way!
CrossFit Threefold
October 4, 2023
Intimidated by the Gym? Not to Worry, CrossFit is a Gym Where Community Counts

When it comes to health and fitness, nothing should stand in your way of success. Especially something like intimidation. And yes it happens. There are gyms out there full of experienced athletes, sculpted bodies and members who don’t seem to give you the time of day. Some gyms feel too big. Others, too crowded. So if you’re just starting out, those factors alone can trigger stress or anxiety. Not to mention if you’re new to fitness, walking into a gym full of machines you aren’t sure how to operate is overwhelming. Lucky for you CrossFit gyms, especially CrossFit Threefold is the complete opposite. 

Integrity, humbleness, inclusivity and hardwork. Those are the only aspects you should look for in a gym and exactly what CrossFit gyms pride themselves on. CrossFit is so much more than a gym. It’s a tight knit community formed with your optimal health in mind. So regardless of your weight, experience or age, our commitment is to your health and helping you achieve your fitness goals, one step at a time. Your decision to get healthy or take your fitness routine to another level should be celebrated and admired- something we love to do. 

So forget that intimidation because there’s nothing better than joining a CrossFit gym and watching your results soar. Follow these simple steps and eliminate gym intimidation for good.

1. Schedule a Gym Tour

Perfect. You’ve decided to join a gym. But not just a gym, you’ve decided to make a change in your life, prioritize your health and join thousands of fitness minded individuals who know how important it is to keep your body in tip top shape.

What an amazing step! So now that you’ve committed to a healthier and happier you, the next step is actually getting there. Unfortunately, this is where many hesitate and feel intimidated. The thought of putting yourself out there, showing vulnerability or simply learning something new is nerve wracking. Especially if you’re taking on this challenge alone. But guess what? Joining a gym doesn't have to be an issue.

Enter CrossFit Threefold- where community and positivity set us aside from the rest. CrossFit not only offers a Free No Sweat Intro helping to alleviate the initial nerves of signing up for a class, but it also prides itself on welcoming anyone- any experience and any age. Once you set foot inside a CrossFit gym, you’ll wish you signed up sooner! 

Between the coaches, atmosphere and encouraging members CrossFit Threefold eases those worries and certainly pushes any sort of intimidation out the door. You’re welcomed, wanted and we’re willing to work our hardest to help you achieve your goals.

In a nutshell, one of the best ways to eliminate gym intimidation is to check it out. Schedule a session or simply set up a tour with a coach or owner so you can see for yourself what you’ve been missing.

Our mission is to always provide a positive, encouraging and challenging atmosphere for Crossfitters and newbies alike. And guaranteed when you pop in, you’ll feel the energy, dedication and sense of community we radiate to all our members.

2. Sign Up for Personal Coaching

If you’re intimidated with the idea of group classes or feeling unsure with the thought of using different pieces of equipment than personal coaching could be for you. And lucky enough, it’s something CrossFit Threefold offers sending you in the right direction both physically and mentally. For some, group classes are great. The energy, enthusiasm and camaraderie you get from kicking it with a bunch of motivated athletes is awesome. But for others, the mere thought of joining group classes sends them running in the other direction. We get it. 

Our members come from different age groups, experiences and body types which is why we meet you at your needs. This way you become more comfortable and confident with each and every session.

If you’re just starting out, personalized coaching is an easy and effective way to learn new moves, feel at ease and put yourself down the right path for accountability and success. Signing up with a coach also gives you the opportunity to-

✔️get highly effective and productive feedback on your progress

✔️gain instruction needed to excel in future group classes

✔️customize a plan beyond a group class for specific needs

✔️ build confidence and strength 

Sounds like a win-win! Plus having a personalized coach guarantees your specific goals are met. You’ll be spending your time with direct and guided instruction, building confidence and skills, one set at a time. When working with a CrossFit coach you’ll strengthen areas of weakness and gain a competitive edge towards making CrossFit a part of your daily routine. 

3. Focus on Your “Why”

Identifying and focusing on your “why” is another simple way to overcome gym intimidation.Think about it. You’re taking this journey on for a reason. Whether it’s for better health, losing weight, gaining muscle or building confidence- working out is for you. We all know  exercise is an amazing stress reliever. And maybe that’s your “why.” You’re searching for a way to decompress from the daily grind and give your body a chance to release. CrossFit has the tools to give.  Now more than ever developing tools for stress management is a given strategy towards a happier and healthier you. So define your why, and don’t let anything stand in your way.

Focus on what you want to achieve. Yes of course we all want to be healthy, but hone in on your specific workout and fitness goals. 

No matter your goal, stick with it. Go for it and believe in the fact that you have the ability. You can’t let something like intimidation get in your way. It’s about developing that positive mindset and knowing that yes you can.

Sticking to those goals also makes joining a gym, or signing up for a session that much easier. When you have a particular goal in mind you're more apt to take the steps to achieve it, regardless of challenges or obstacles (hint hint intimidation). Life is about goal setting. It’s about finding a purpose, and figuring out a pathway to your end goal- healthier, happier, stronger, you.

Your health and happiness are the most important things you have, but it’s up to you to put them first and become your best self! Joining a gym is more than just lifting weights or running on a treadmill. It’s a chance to create a lifestyle focusing on living life to the fullest and giving it your all. Just another reason so many are turning to CrossFit for their go-to routine. When you join a gym, you’re dedicating yourself to a healthier lifestyle, one that will help you go further, work harder and be your best self. 

4. Find Your Community

Even if you’re joining alone, you’re never really alone. Sounds funny right? Well the fact is, at 

CrossFit we are a community. We’re a group of fitness driven, positive and enthusiastic individuals just waiting to meet our newest members. CrossFit welcomes all ages, experience and goals. Our mission is simple- become the happiest, healthiest version of you. And it’s our job to make you feel welcome as soon as you step through our doors. 

When searching for a gym it’s so important to feel wanted and supported. We understand and know it’s not easy taking on a fitness challenge or making a lifestyle change. What’s more important is that we can relate. Our coaches have been where you are right now. Ready for a change and excited for what’s to come. That’s why we strive to make everyone feel at home. Our strength is our community. We value, respect and commit to every member individually. We’ll never expect perfection because we know it doesn’t exist. What exists is improvement- and we won’t stop until we get you where you want to be. 

Day in, day out our goal is to put you first. Now who wouldn’t want to be part of that? 

So shake those nerves aside, get ready for an amazing change and never look back. Now and always, your health comes first. Believe it, work for it and achieve it. There’s no stopping you now.

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