Grocery Shopping- How Creating a List Keeps You and Your Family on Track

If you want to be healthy and reach your fitness goals you have to plan things out, including your weekly grocery list!
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May 16, 2024
Grocery Shopping- How Creating a List Keeps You and Your Family on Track

It’s that time of week again, grocery time. Some dread it and some have it down to a science. Without fail Sunday rolls around quicker than a blink of an eye. Yes you have a lot to do. And grocery shopping definitely isn’t a preferred choice. But if you don’t stock up, trouble starts brewing and before you know it, you’ll be scrambling with that all too familiar question, “What’s for dinner?”  Lucky for you, there’s no need to stress. We’re all about de-stressing and preventing unnecessary anxiety during the week. 

Ok so take a deep breath and grab a pen because regardless of what you may really want to do, the obligation to stock the fridge and plan healthy meals is upon you. Not to worry, the following tips will have you mastering the grocery aisles, and arming yourself with an awesome grocery list. You’ll be ready for whatever the week throws your way. Let’s dig in and find out how creating a grocery list will keep your (and your family’s) health on track and power through the week!

1. Lists Make Meal Planning a Cinch

Meal planning. It’s the one thing we’ll mention again and again. Why? Simply because meal planning helps you stay on the fast track to better health. Not only does it keep you focused but it allows the flexibility of prepping in bulk, and preparing menus that last all week long. Meal planning also keeps portions under control. Having an organized shopping list ensures you have just what you need each week. Putting in the effort to plan recipes up front also saves time throughout the week. That’s something worth celebrating.

Sports everyday? Squeezing in gym time? No sweat. Once you get the hang of meal prep and planning you’ll never have to worry about what’s for dinner or fueling your family with the “right” food again. Plus if you’ve ever worked with a nutrition coach, guaranteed you already have some tricks up your sleeve.

Now back to those grocery lists. Make it a priority to sit down each week and plan exactly what you’ll have for breakfast, lunch, dinner and those protein packed snacks in between. This way you’ll have a clear vision of what’s to come each meal. Foods that are high in protein, low in carbs and in their natural state, or clean are perfect fuel choices. Some super easy items to always have on hand (make them your supermarket staples) are-

Once your menu is nailed down, make a  list of the ingredients needed and stick to them. Shopping when grocery stores aren’t as crowded is a great tip to keep in mind when heading out. A calm grocery store usually means an easier trip allowing you to stay on track without distraction or frustration with crowds. It also feels great to cross each item off your list. You’ll have everything needed for some amazing meals

Above all make sure the recipes you choose keep energy levels up and are structured to power your family through their day, workout or event. Hot dogs, burgers, chips. Those types of food, although convenient, will never get you where you want to be. Instead focus on making Sunday a big batch prep day. Meal plan your healthy recipes, then hit the grocery store and stock up. Your afternoon can then be  spent portioning and prepping for the entire week. Relying on a “grab and go” mentality is never a good idea but creating power meals and snacks that’ll bring you to your best is!  

2. Lists are Cost Effective

Ever go grocery shopping on an empty stomach? Chances are you have. And most likely your result was a much bigger grocery bill. You probably overbought, overstuffed and in turn made some not so healthy choices. Shopping while hungry makes everything look good! Muffins, cookies, cakes, chips. All those items oh so tempting (but not so good for your waistline) options seem to call out your name. That’s why it’s important to keep a list and avoid those big splurges, especially if you’re fueling an athlete or getting ready for a big event. Before you head to the store make sure foods that’ll keep energy levels high and help build strength and endurance are at the top. And get your kids involved! Sit down with your athlete. Talk about the foods that make him or her feel best and make sure to include them on your weekly list. Don’t just grab something you “think” will be good. Keep costs down by sticking with what is enjoyed, and give the biggest nutritional bang for your buck. Having healthy options on hand and making intentionally good decisions when shopping will no doubt keep everyone happy, healthy and being their best self.  

Another reason keeping a list helps knock down your overall cost is because you stay on track. Shopping with your kids always seems to detour down the “cookie” aisle. If I counted how many times my bill skyrocketed because my kids were at the store with me, I’d be rich! Toting along your kids (yes sometimes it’s unavoidable) without a list is a recipe or disaster. Only because their little minds and bellies are always craving and asking for more. They’ll have you heading down the wrong direction and then before you know it, your cart is full of items you’re trying to avoid. So again, have a set list to keep yourself in check. Lists also teach important life skills such as planning, organization and responsibility. 

3. Foods that Fuel You Right

A solid grocery list is a step in the right direction for your health, family and fitness goals. How? Because keeping a structured list, a stocked pantry and healthy ingredients on hand go together like CrossFit and community- they  just work. If you want to perform your best, or fuel your athlete for their next game then nutrition has to come first! You can’t just “wing it.” 

Understanding what you need before, during and after an event like “The Murph” for example keeps you at your best and performing even better. Smart choices give your body the strength and energy needed to reach your goals.But again, you can't do that without proper planning and preparation. Just like your training program, choices need to be intentional. You have to set goals, know how to reach them and be able to identify what your body needs to kick it! Far too often kids (and adults too) grab what’s closest to them without giving it another thought. Enter red flags. Those quick go-tos won’t provide your body with the right nutrition. You can’t just open the  pantry, grab some chips and expect to perform at your full potential. You have to work at it and nourish it, just like everything else. And once you do that you get  an amazing body, a healthy lifestyle and the feeling of satisfaction, inside and out. 

So, what are you doing Sunday? Make grocery shopping something you look forward to, not something you dread. Build your list with healthy and clean ingredients. Make it a priority to feel good about planning out your nutrition and accomplished knowing you’re ready to take on the week. Your fridge, pantry and family will thank you. Mission accomplished!

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